You Cannot Sow War and Reap Peace

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Dear Ngwa

Greetings, my brother. Don’t blame me for the silence. You have not been communicating either. Thus, we share the blame.

I don’t know what has been happening at your end, but for me, it has been hard with the fact that, when you say something about both parties in the senseless and useless war in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, your guys believe you are supporting the boyses. To your guys, one should condemn only the boyses, even though there are exaggerations by both sides.

Look at the way we are losing our young people, whether on your side or the side of the boyses. This cannot and can never have any justification whatsoever. How can we allow our youths to whom we should bequeath this land of promise and glory, to be killing one another?

I also blame the rest of Cameroonians for allowing our youths to be killing themselves in a war that has no basis. Can we not all rise and demonstrate against this hardheartedness and madness and call for an end to this war? Of course, we have seen people rise in other lands and changed their fate. Are we made of different stuff than the Egyptians that sent their misruling regime out of power from the streets? Ok, if it is because Egyptians are mostly light skin, what about the Burkinabe that sent their dictator scampering with his tail between his legs?

From the sampled opinion of the masses, they are against this senseless war. To them, Nkukuma, who declared the war in the first place, should call for a ceasefire and a true and real dialogue engaged to find a lasting solution to this matter.

According to most of the people in this njanga republic, it is a war between the Government and the Anglicans, and by extension, a war against all Cameroonians who dare call the Government to account. And instead of facing the issue, the bunch of kleptomaniacs keeps creating avenues to divert attention from its failures.

For instance, is it not provocation that Cameroonians have dismissed the so called Major National Dialogue, MND, as a circus and that all that came from there as white elephant projects, the head boy is sent to come and explain what they term are achievements of the MND? My brother, if there were anything like achievements, would he be required to come and explain, even to the blind? No, because if there was any, even the blind would see through the eyes of their mind.

Someone who was in haste taking a patient to hospital but was stopped to cede passage for the head boy’s convoy, react in anger, when he heard the reason for the visit which is like trying to fool a child or child’s play: how can something as grievous as 15 soldiers killed in the Nowest and he is visiting but the Sawest!?

I hear he says that he has been sent to seek peace. Hmmmmm. How does his sender think that he can sow war and harvest peace? How can you ride a warpath to get to peace?

The way things are going, make sure that you will not someday bury your heads in the sand in shame. We had pleaded with the Lion man to, for once, have a human heart; reflect and repeal this war, call for a ceasefire and dialogue, as advised both by the national and international community, but he continued proving that he is half lion and half man. We exalted him to solve the problem and take the credit for it – not to offer to some man or woman from somewhere else to come and solve the problem and take the credit, but the lion man has proved to us that he has a stone where his heart ought to be.

Now, see where it is taking us to. The US President in an open session of the UN, has called for an end to this. Whichever way it goes, we will soon be taking instructions, because you refused to take action.

Now, I don’t know whether to wish you good or bad luck in your pursuits.

Well, anyhow it goes, send me a mail.

Sincerely yours


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