WPFD: JMC-UB Honours George Ngwane As Promoter Of Press Freedom

George Ngwane receiving Promoter of Press Freedom Award from UB Faculty of Social and Management Sciences Dean, Prof Yenshu Emmanuel

By Sendy Forlemu and Frankline Elad

His astuteness and role in fighting for free speech in Cameroon could not go unnoticed on Tuesday, May 3, the day set aside by the United Nations as World Press Freedom Day.

Mualimu George Ngwane is a very powerful name that, when it comes to promoting press freedom in Cameroon, it must surely be mentioned.

His astuteness in championing press freedom in Cameroon was what made the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC, in the University of Buea, UB, to honour the man who is now a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

As a writer, poet, peace activist, political analyst and pan Africanist, Mualimu George Ngwane has done much for journalism.

“I am very happy for this award given by the University of Buea from the Department of JMC, which itself is supposed to be the cradle of journalism in the category of being a promoter,” George Ngwane said after receiving the award in a hall full of hundreds of journalism students.

He said he has over the years been promoting journalists out of campus while JMC, on its part, has been promoting them on campus.

“I think that this is not just an award, but a reward for the services I have offered in the area of press freedom and especially access to information,” George Ngwane said. “Being the gate catcher of falsehood is not the same as being the gate keeper of the truth and, of course, they always say the truth is very relative and we all know the truth because the truth is only exposed, no one can hide it.”

He advised student journalists to be courageous and cautious at the end of the day; learn the art of journalism by listening to the radio, reading newspapers and by watching television. “Let your best today be the starting point tomorrow,” he said.

“Fundamentally, I think everyone complains about access to information, especially public information, and I think that we have got a provision even in 1996 amended law that talks on how we can access information.”

To him, one thing the journalists should do is to take the initiative as the government provides laws, and navigate within those laws and be able to make them in a way that they become friendly to the public.      

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