WICUDA-USA Clocks 20, Donates Circa FCFA 60M To Ndu Baptist Hospital

Outgoing Chairperson, Ma Manju Dr. Odelia Ngala Bongmba

By a Special Correspondent

Members of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association, WICUDA-USA, recently gathered in Washington metro area from July 21-23, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, while raising funds towards healthcare projects in Wimbum areas in Donga Mantung.

The occasion, which took place at the Wyndham Hotel in Manassas-Virginia had in attendance delegates from all over the USA.

Addressing the delegates, the outgoing Chairperson, Ma Manju Dr. Odelia Ngala Bongmba, thanked donors for their generous donations towards the Ndu Baptist Hospital. She reminded attendees that the CBC had initially only planned for a Surgical Theatre, but had accepted to transition into a full-fledge hospital following demands from Mbum people who had pledged to support. She enjoined members not to relent in their support as there were even more needs at the hospital.

The fundraiser which started in 2021 involved and engaged Mbum people all over the world, including but not limited to Canada, Europe and USA. Ma Manju Odelia led the effort.  The total amount raised and handed over to the Baptist Health Board stood at $100,000 then.

The 2023 convention fundraiser has already raised more than $30,000 and counting.

The event was full of fanfare and glamour. The cultural display was breathtaking with the Nfuh (Men’s warrior dance), Njuh (women’s dance) Toh, Judah gracing the occasion.

The grand patron of WICUDA-USA who is resident in USA, HRM Fon Kennedy Nganjo was in the house. He was accompanied by HRM Fon Kamanda, Chairperson of Wimbum Fons’ Union, WIFU, who was on a visit to USA.  Both Fons spoke on several occasions with each echoing the same message of peace, unity, development and the importance of keeping the Mbum culture alive.

The guest of honour at the 2023 convention was the Mayaah (Queen Mother) Mary Ngang of Njirong. Her electrifying speech which centred on the challenges faced by Mayaahs in Mbumland kept the delegates spellbound and earned her a standing ovation that culminated into a deafening applause.

Other dignitaries at the event included, but not limited to, the Chairperson of Wimbum Notables and Title holders Association, WINTA, Ta Nformi Wakili who travelled from Gabon, numerous title holders and notables from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. The hosting Chapter President, Ta Tamfu Fake Bernard of WICUDA-Virginia spared no effort to make sure all guests were given the attention they deserved.

The founding father of WICUDA-USA, Professor Elias Bongmba of Rice University had the opportunity to speak to the delegates, telling the story of how WICUDA-USA all started. He also acknowledged all the founding members including those who could not make it in person to the convention.

Speaking to The POST from Washington, Ta Nformi Wari Oliver Tangiri, who doubled as Chairman of the elections and planning committees for the 2023 convention, expressed a lot of satisfaction on how the event unfolded.  He added that his team treated the delegates to free and fair elections that had international observers in the house.

Ta Ngwang Ngwang Abel was elected as the new Chairperson for WICUDA-USA in a highly contested election that was preceded by intense campaigns and debate-style presentations from all three candidates.  Ta Ngwang Ngwang, who is taking over WICUDA-USA at time when the stakes are high, acknowledged and promised to add to the gains that all previous Chairpersons, including but not limited to Ma Manju, had made. He also thanked them for their service and called on all Wimbum in USA to join him in moving the organisation to its next milestone of success.

Meantime, conspicuously absent at the event was one of WICUDA-USA patrons, Hon Awudu Cyprain Mbaya, who recently passed away. He had been a regular attendee and mega donor since 2014 when he played a vital role in getting the first ever Mbum Fon invited to a convention. The organisation agreed to create a memorial and/or an award in his honour.

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