We Want To Enable Councils Position Themselves As Productive Bodies – Augustin Tamba

Augustin Tamba speaking during the press conference

The President of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC, Augustin Tamba, has said the goal of the executive bureau is to enable councils to position themselves as productive councils in Cameroon.

Tamba, who is also the Mayor of Yaounde 7 Council, made the statement on May 6 in Yaounde during a press conference. The press conference was aimed as shedding light as well as reviewing the economic tour that the UCCC conducted with some fifty Mayors in Belgium, Turkey and France.

The economic tour was under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Decentralization, MINDDEVEL, and the Special Fund for Equipment and Intercommunity Intervention, FEICOM.

Speaking during the presser, Tamba said, in order to enable councils to become productive, more efforts need to be done in encouraging the mutualisation of means through the structuring of an efficient inter-communal system.

“… Currently, we need to enable councils to position themselves as productive councils, this by encouraging the mutualisation of means through the structuring of an efficient inter-communal system.

“This would enable us to strengthen the capacities of councils, to access international and national funding windows and partners at a certain level for the implementation of high added value projects,” Tamba said.

According to Tamba, this is the only thing that justifies development on the field as the international level which will enable councils to better implement the vision and its falls in line with the National Development Strategy, NDS 30, implemented by the government.

“We don’t have any reason to import rice or whatever because we have the capacity to produce it all. We are working towards digitalising all councils in Cameroon. Above all, we will encourage councils to take interest in renewable resources as well as training of youths to engage in various activities,” he further said.

With bottom-up approach, the UCCC Chair said councils are expected to engage in projects that give value to the communities, reinforce the capacities of councils and fast-track transition to digitisation and economic solidarity.

It is worth noting that the economic tour constituted a step in the implementation of the commitment made by partners during the International Councils Economic Forum, JEICOM21, which took place from December 3-5, 2021 in Yaounde.

JEICOM21 was an innovation of the National Executive Bureau of UCCC elected on November 3, 2020. The forum was aimed at promoting and developing municipal projects and constitutes a space as well as serves as a window of opportunities for the financing of added value projects while promoting the potentialities of Cameroon. Emphasis was laid on establishing win-win partnerships between councils and partners.

During the tour, UCCC met over 20 enterprises, investment funds, young Cameroonians from diaspora who are all ready to come and support each other in their own field and implement projects in the councils.

In the meantime, several framework agreements were signed, especially with a Belgian firm that will support councils with providing concrete solutions to water problems in the country.

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