Wabane Council Donates Equipment, Fertilizers To Famers On 20th May

Municipal, administrative and security officials in Wabane after commemorating the national day

By Andrew Nsoseka

The population of Wabane on May 20, accompanied by its elected and administrative authorities in the company of defence and security forces commemorated Cameroon’s 50th edition of National Day, 20th May in a unique way.

In Wabane, the event was not limited only to marching, dancing and feasting. The Mayor of the area, Nembo Ketu Israel used the occasion to reach out to several groups in the area, to encourage them on economic empowerment. Being an area where most of its people depend mainly on agriculture and related chain activities, the Mayor said he decided to again reach out to the farmers, through the provision of farming equipment and fertilizers to farmers’ cooperatives to ease their work and improve output at a time when food insecurity is looming.

Activities in Wabane included; Military and Civilian march past, a football match between Young Stars FC vs Golden Stars FC. It was spiced with cultural animation from the cultural groups that came up. The highpoint was however the distribution of farm inputs to farmers. This year’s edition was celebrated under the theme, “The defense and security forces at the service of the population for the preservation of social peace and national cohesion; a guarantee for an emerging Cameroon”.

Commenting on activities of the day, the DO of Wabane, Chi Augustin, said he was happy with the population for coming out to show love for fatherland. He said Wabane has always shown the good example for other areas to follow.

Addressing the population, the Mayor of Wabane, Nembo Israel expressed gratitude to the population for coming out after over four years to celebrate the National Day. “We know that what keeps Wabane Subdivision is agriculture. We honour the nation through our farming. In this light, we thought we should honour our farmers. So we invited cooperatives and there are gifts for them. With the war in Ukraine and the already felt food crisis, we want to support our farmers to increase production”, the Mayor said.

At the event, the Mayor of Wabane expressed gratitude to some kinsmen and elite who contributed to the success of the event in Wabane, He expressed gratitude to Minister Paul Tasong, Senator Fon Lekunze, Honourable Bernard Foju, S.G Chambers of Agriculture Tanyi Jacob and the Senior Divisional Officer of Mayo-Danay Division Chief Fombele Mathias Tayem. Mayor Nembo said they contributed immensely to the success of the day and various activities that were realised.

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