UB American Corner Drills Journalism Students On Fact-Checking

Student Journalists participating in the serminar in UB

By Brakson Chafeh Tatah and Frankline Elad

American Corner in the University of Buea has drilled Journalism students in that institution on fact-checking and guides on how to identify elements of fake news in a story.

The drilling came during a seminar organised on October 27 in the Library of the University of Buea.

The students were educated on the importance of fact-checking, while equally having ways to identify fake news.

They equally received apps which can help to determine the credibility and how true the news is.

The American Corner is under the Global Network of American Spaces which is a platform that was set up for people to have access to information about the United States and they are supervised under the US Embassy, said the Coordinator of the American Corner, Leslie Lukong.

He added that it is a platform that allows the US Embassy to reach out to community workers. However, their area of focus is on democracy, leadership, corruption, human trafficking, gender equality – just to name a few.

According to Leslie Lukong, who is the Coordinator and Programme Officer for American Corner, the American Corner has five main goals which are: to promote education like advising those who want to study abroad, orientations will be given to them, to promote English learning through movie discussion, cultural programming, alumni engagements.

He said the American Corner is open to everyone: “The American Corner is a public space – meaning – it is open to the general public”.

He also mentioned that their audience cuts across children, youths and women, but their main focus is on the youths.

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