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Southwest Councils’ Secretaries-General Adopt Constitution

SW Secretaries-General during their GA in Limbe where they adopted their constitution

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Secretaries-General of the Municipal Councils across the Southwest Region have adopted a new constitution that will henceforth guide the running of their association.

The constitution was adopted on Saturday, July 9, in Limbe during their General Assembly meeting that was chaired by their President, Ewome Njie Joseph, former SG of the Buea Council.

He congratulated the members for the adoption and went on to call on the constitutional review committee to make sure copies are ready for all their members during their next General Assembly meeting billed for October 15 in Kumba.

Secretaries-General, in all Municipal Councils, constitute the pillars as far as the daily management of the councils is concerned.

According to President Njie Ewome,  SGs in the Southwest came together some seven years ago to be able to meet regularly, share experiences on how to better run their different councils where they work, get training on issues where they are lacking as well as discuss issues of growth and togetherness among them.

He specially congratulated the SG of the Limbe I Council, Nganchi Pamela Nyemile epse Nkwen-Tamo, for all the efforts she put in to ensure a successful meeting.

Ewome observed that the Limbe meeting was very necessary because, for over a year now, they have not been able to meet owing partly to the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

The SG of the Kumba City Council, Arrey Nkongho, urged members to, henceforth, endeavour to respect the schedules of meetings. He observed that there have been several meetings that had been scheduled and were later postponed.

According to the adopted constitution, they have to meet once every quarter of a year.

Meantime, to ensure the smooth functioning of the association, the current SG of the Buea Council, Ida Mambo, was designated as the acting Treasurer. While the SG of the Nguti Council, Winslow Ebune, was unanimously accorded the powers to henceforth serve as the Vice President.

Ewome had initially opted to step down as President owing to his having retired from active service. He was, nonetheless, unanimously urged by members to hold on until elections are held in the future.

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