Rev. Mokoko Commissioned To Head Fako South Presbytery

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Rev. Dr Samuel Fonki, has commissioned Rev. Dr Samuel Mokoko Elive, who has served the PCC as a Pastor for 23 years, to take charge as ‘head’ or better still, Secretary of the Fako South Presbytery.

The commissioning ceremony took place last Sunday, May 2, at the Presbyterian Church Down Beach, Limbe.

Aside from heading the presbytery, Rev. Dr Mokoko shall also serve as the Parish Pastor of the Presbyterian Church Down Beach, Limbe.

“He has been commissioned to do everything it takes to win more souls for Christ,” the Moderator told the press later on.

The induction exercise began with a heavily-attended Church service where the Moderator, accompanied by other Pastors, prayed to God to grant Pastor Mokoko the grace and the strength he will need to carry on with his new assignment.

“We pray that God should bless Rev. Mokoko as the Parish Pastor for Beach,” Rev. Fonki prayed.

Rev. Dr Mokoko, who looked spiritedly as he was commissioned, thanked God for all. He said the new task entrusted to him made him to recall the vows of service he took when he was inducted as a Pastor some 23 years back.

“This occasion gives me the opportunity to remember my calling, my vocation vows that I have been called to serve…and to serve together with the Christians of this Parish. I have the responsibility to take care of God’s people.”

The Moderator, during the induction service, also prayed that the Christians should not only increase in their numbers, but also in faith and their spirituality towards God.

The success of the Church has, besides prayers, always depended, too, on the financial support of the Christians for God’s work to go on.

During the service, the Moderator appreciated some of the Christians for their support to ensure that the Church moves on. He especially made mention of Mrs Lilian Njalla Quan.

He, nonetheless, thanked all the Christians and further admonished them to understand that there is always a blessing that follows when Christians give in support of God’s work.

 “When you give…, bother more on how God will bless you,” Rev. Fonki said.

The PCC Moderator and his Christians also prayed fervently for God to provide a lasting solution to the on-going Anglophone Crisis which, for the past four years, has witnessed the merciless killings of many an innocent person.

“We have cried to you Lord, yet we have not seen things changing. Touch the hearts of the leaders that they may understand the sacredness of life… Let Cameroon be the nation you intended it to be.”

The event was sealed with a prayer for the Almighty to, equally, help in the eradication of the Coronavirus which has, in less than two years, taken away over three million lives and rendered over a hundred million sick.

The day ended with singing, dancing and total merriment by the Christians as they celebrated the commissioning of Dr Mokoko as their new Fako South Presbytery Secretary

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