Queen Sparks, Upcoming Afropop Artist & Vocalist In Cameroon Industry

Queen Sparks


Queen Sparks

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Queen Sparks is an uprising Afropop artist and vocalist from the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

 A signed artist with AfroBits production, Queen Sparks is unique. Capitulating from the inner circles of the heart, she seems to be in her own world.

Even though many may not seem to know her physically; Queen Sparks is curving a notch of her own with spectacular moves in the Cameroon Music Industry.

While growing up, music has been her passion and, to her, it will continue to be. “Music has been in me since childhood,” she said singing is an inborn talent however “it was harness and nurtured in church and I build myself up to this moment. I thank God who has seen me through and is still on my side,” she told The Post.

Late Babe Manga, she said, is her model. According to her, Babe Manga inspired her a lot, though she also likes Yemi Alade and Beyonce and she is praying to be like them or even more.

With an album in the market, Queen Sparks thinks it is the beginning of a long journey; a journey that definitely comes with a lot of challenges.

“With my first album in the market, I must say, it hasn’t been easy realising this project. We spend sleepless nights trying to make things happen the way our fans will love it. My first album is titled ‘I’m a Queen’ with 13 songs,” she said.

Being a queen to her is all about overcoming the odds of life which surpasses hardship with hard work, and giving it a taste of love. Armed with self-esteem of herself, she’s set to reign and succeed in all aspects of life.

Being in music since childhood, but professionally over three years, she believes that the Cameroon music industry has improved and is growing every day. With the young generation, she thinks that they are going to take the industry to another level.

In order to become a powerful industry, Queen Sparks opines that Cameroonians must learn to consume theirs. To her, charity begins at home and a great future can only come if Cameroonians appreciate what they have. 

“Three years in the music industry, I am not yet a star. I just took a step and I will continue to take the steps until my fans tell me that I have arrived but still at that, I will always work hard to make my fans and supporters proud,” she added.

Apart from being an artist, Queen Sparks, a graduate, and holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Buea, is also a communicator, Counselor, and hair dresser.

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