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ONACC Predicts SW Is At Highest Risk Of Impending Landslides, Floods

By Hope Nda

The National Climate Change Observatory, known by its French acronym ONACC, has predicted a high probability of mudflow in Buea on July 23.

ONACC also signaled risks of landslides in other parts of the Southwest Region including Wabane (July 28), Fontem (July 27) and Mutengene (July 24). Meanwhile, the towns of Limbe, Tiko, Mamfe, Kumba, Idenau, among others in the Region, are at high risk of floods between July 24 and 28.

“The Southwest Region has the greatest probability of risks, with the dates of July 23 and  28 July 2023 requiring the greatest vigilance,” ONACC said in its latest forecast of adverse weather between July 21 and 30.

It reported high risks of landslides occurring in Bamenda, Fundong and Santa, in the Northwest Region, as well as Bafoussam, Dschang, Bafang, Mbouda, Baham and Bazou, in the West Region, from July 23–29.

Landslides have also been predicted in Logbessou, Douala, on July 25, 28 and 29, and in Nkongsamba (July 23 & 28); Manjo (July 23 & 27) and Melong (July 22 & 28).

ONACC said all 10 Regions of the country are at risk of experiencing floods, with the most risky areas being the coastal Regions of Southwest, Littoral and South.

The forecasts on potential landslides come a day after a woman and a child were killed in Limbe after a landslide collapsed a house on them.

The incident was the second landslide in Limbe in just two days, after the first on Wednesday, July 19, killed two young men. Floods have also been recurrent in Limbe and Douala for the past days of heavy rainfall.

In March, the Limbe City Council attempted to reduce the risk of floods this rainy season by enlarging water ways and gutters, but the measure appears to have done very little to rescue the seaside city from floods.

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