Nwa Subdivision: Gov’t Remains Mute As Fulani Militias Kill 9 Villagers

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By Godfred Sackmu

Authorities in Cameroon have maintained sealed lips despite the killings perpetrated by some armed Fulanis in Nwa Subdivision, Donga-Mantung Division, in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

The population of Nwa Subdivision now lives in fear as a result of the killings which have taken place for the past one week. Nine people were reportedly killed in the area by some armed Fulani groups.

Speaking at the National Assembly during this March Parliamentary session, the Member of Parliament for Nwa Constituency, Hon. Edward Adamu Lambe, lamented: “My people have been running for the past three days. They are running to neighbouring Nigeria already. The Fulani people have come in again because there is an allegation that their cows were stolen, and at the moment I am speaking, four of my people were killed yesterday.”

As a way to seek a solution, the MP said: “I think I need to go to the Minister of Territorial Administration. My people need to rally up and indicate to the State that inasmuch as we need security, others too need to be disarmed. A good number of the Fulani guys are armed and my people are not armed. So, if they want to go by arms and no arms, then, we are not helping the situation.”

Hon. Lambe added that Fulanis should instead go after Separatist fighters and leave his people alone.

“If the Separatists have had any issue on the Fulanis, let them go after the Separatists and not the indigenes. The indigenes are helpless in front of the Separatists and they are also helpless in front of the Fulanis, making my constituency to be at stake. I don’t sleep, we don’t sleep. There are calls every night on what my people are going through. I will meet the Minister of Territorial Administration whom I know will also pass it to the Head of State to do something,” he declared.

Talking to The Post, a source who sought anonymity for fear of being targeted, said: “Some of these Fulani militias are from Nigeria. They come, kill us and they go. The situation keeps getting worse every day. We now live in fear and we pray that the powers-that-be should come to our rescue, unless they want us to be killed before they come and save us,” the source confided.

He further stated that: “We were asked not to keep any gun in our possession, which we accepted. These guys have now taken advantage over this initiative and they have embarked on killing us. How are we going to defend ourselves now? Should we just sit and watch ourselves killed by these people? We are not safe,” the source lamented.

The incident in Nwa comes after a group of armed Fulani men killed the Fon and the Queen of Esu, Menchum Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

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