NW Regional Council Vice-President Expresses Indignation

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  • Says House Of Chiefs Is Hanging
  • Decries Installation Of Equipment In French                             

By Chris Mbunwe

The President of House of the Northwest House of Chiefs, His Majesty, Kevin Shumetang, has expressed indignation that the Special Status given to the two Anglophone regions does not carry out the functionality and other specificities.

The chief, who doubles as Vice-President of the Northwest Regional Council, decried recently in Bamenda.

This was during a workshop organised to train the executives of the Council on managerial issues.

“We are hanging in the air,” the chief said while equally decrying that the equipment they will use to carry out their work came from Yaounde but in french.

“Look at the working equipment they are installing in Bamenda, they are in French, this is annoying,” he said.

The President of the House of Chiefs, who doubles as Vice President of Regional Assembly, Kevin Shumetang made it clear that it would be outright frustration if something is not done now.                    

The training is coming four months after the regional executive was commissioned into office.

They were trained bya five-man delegation that was despatched from Yaounde.

The delegation was headed by Ernest Ngu Cho, Director of Human Resources For Regional and Local Authorities in the Ministry of Decentralisation to train the eight members that make up the Regional Executive of the Northwest Regional Council. However, members of the Divisional Councils were not included.

Speaking at the Regional Council office situated at Bamenda Up Station, opposite the Northwest Court of Appeal, Director Ernest Ngu Cho said, because the Regional Council will soon be voting their budget, there were, thus, specifics they ought to master.

In setting this Regional Assembly, “… the Head Of State made it clear that, per the Constitution, Cameroon remains a unitary state and created ten Regional Councils with Southwest and Northwest Regions given Special Status.”

He said the issue is to fast tract development in these two regions as soon as they vote their budgets because those powers which were hitherto carried out by sectoral ministries will be devolved to them.

He quickly added that there are enabling instruments, decrees to be signed from Yaounde about education, Legal, Health, History and Cultural systems for them to function smoothly. “Because, you will not depend on Yaounde for revenue, you will raise your revenue for example from quarries and other local  finance sources you deem fit.”

According to Ngu Cho, the fact that the Regional Council Executive were all present was an indication of interest to see the development of the region taken to a different level soonest.

In his speech, President of the Northwest Regional Assembly, Professor Fru Angwafor, expressed gratitude to the team of trainers from Yaounde and said they might continue knocking at the doors of Mutual Assistance for Councils FEICOM, to bail them out this early stage, else it won’t be easy.     

In his reaction, the Regional Questor, Mr Jude Waindim, said those on the ground have been running out of patience.

“This seminar and our recommendations should be taken seriously because the people are not ready to hear narratives, oh when we shall do this or that to give special meaning to a special status, expectations are too high if keep dragging we shall be shooting ourselves on the leg. I Am, afraid it might take a bit longer than the population expected. We must be able to look carefully into specificities as concerns education, health, and host of as aspirations as concerns Special Status in reading not only the law but the Spirit of the law. There are however hopes, as it said government machinery grinds slowly, but surely,” Waindim averred.          

The team left Bamenda with recommendations meant at giving meaning to the Special Status.

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