No Limit International Offers Sports Equipment To Improve Women Football

Co-Founder, Orlyanka Tantchou, handing equipment to players

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

No Limit International, a non-profit organisation based in the United States of America, has offered sports equipment to some women football teams in Cameroon.

The equipment, donated to the teams on July 28 in Yaounde, included underwear (Neoprene bras), which were handed to Éclair female football team of Sa’a, AS Patriotes and AS Fortuna FC.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, the Co-Founder of the Non-governmental Organisation, Orlyanka Tantchou, said the gifts were coming after it has been observed that it is difficult for many girls to exercising their roles on the pitch.

Orlyanka said the equipment are coming as a motivation, given that these items are neglected meanwhile they give players momentum and confidence on the pitch.

“…We have seen how difficult it is for women to play because they don’t have these equipment. So, we decided to support them because when you play without these bras, it makes you loose momentum and confidence. It is important that they have to spur up the dynamics and inspiration they have in them,” Orlyanka said.

Besides thanking partners, Orlyanka encouraged the women to keep wearing them. She also said the bras were not only appealing in the eye, but were of different colours, sizes and very good when running.

Speaking after receiving the materials, Christian Onana, President of Éclair of Sa’a, appreciated the NGO indicating that the materials will be very important for the young players.  

To Onana, “Women morphology is not like that of the men, so its an equipment that will help them feel free as well as help that ameliorate their performance because they are no longer unease when playing. I want to use this opportunity to thank the No Limit Orgnaisation International for coming to our aid. We are happy and grateful.”

Ange Mapi, a player of Patrot AS Patriotes, thanked No Limit International “for coming to help” them in the promotion of women football in Cameroon. “Everyone knows that a good underwear brings us a good performance because you have to feel free when we are playing. This gift is going to help me to give in the best in me,” she said.

The NGO says it aims at making a better world by achieving seven critical United Nations Sustainable Goals. No Limit International and its affiliates engage communities around the world in lifelong best practices aimed at improving health and living conditions, fighting hunger and poverty, providing youth educational and recreational activities, and empowering people to believe in a better society.

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