No Limit International Drills Youths On Swimming Technics, Donates Equipment

Yogo Paul supervise Youths as they dive into water

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Some 30 youths drawn from Yaounde have been drilled on basic techniques of swimming. The exercise took place on July 27 at the Kondengui neighbourhood.

Speaking during the session, Paul Yogo, Technical Supervisor of Swimming, said the exercise permitted youths to discover swimming and it taught them how to counter fear and the ability to move in the water.

“I want to thank this NGO, which made it possible for the youths to learn the basics of swimming. This consisted of removing the fear of water in them because many children die because they are afraid of water. Again, the notion of hands and legs flapping was also done because movement in water is done with the legs and the hands.”

Indicating that there is a need for more resources to be diverted in sports disciplines like this, Yogo said: “Our objective was attained because almost all the kids are up to the task and everything went on smoothly. I appreciate this initiative and I wish such initiatives multiply because it is good for our country.”

On his part, Micheal Nouebissi, one of the participants, expressed her happiness, stating that: “I feel joyous and I am happy because it’s not every day we have such opportunities. We want to thank the NGO and we appreciate this initiative.”

To Pauline Ngo Yogo, “I learned how to dive into the water and increase my respiration. When you dive in the wrong way, you might breathe in water and drown. I also learn how to swim faster because unlike before, I was slow and my legs were not strong enough but now I am doing better.”

“I was thought how to float on water and remove the fear in me because at the beginning, I was afraid but it helped me to be fulfilled. I want to learn more because, I love swimming and it’s my favourite sport,” Lys-Orpa Tadoum said.

On his part US-based Orlyanka Tantchou, Co-Founder of No Limit International, said they wanted to save lives, given that a lot of deaths have been recorded as a result of drowning in water. That is why the organisation is promoting youth development through swimming in Africa.

Concerning the donation of swimming equipment to the kids, Orlyanka said: “Donating this equipment is enabling these kids to be able not only to learn how to swim but to protect themselves because swimming is a great skill; it’s a great sport and it’s good for your health.”

To her, “It makes us feel good and keep you occupied. Learning how to swim is good and helps save lives. My ambition is just to help the population with this. I am a swimmer and I did swimming lessons for about seven years so I know how to swim and I know how courageous it is for people to know how to swim.”

“In February last year, we donated some swimming suits to the Cameroon Swimming Federation in Douala. The donation is in progress and the more people who have this good equipment in the hand, the more people that are going to be motivated to swim, which reduces drowning risks and helps the populations,” she said.

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