National Youth Day Address: Biya Urges Youths To Be Creative In Digital Economy Sector

CPDM Chairman

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, H.E. Paul Biya, has urged youths in the country to be creative in the digital economy sector.

Paul Biya made the call on February 10, during the traditional message to the youths on the eve of the 56th edition of the National Youth Day.

“…I am pleased to note that many of our youth have a remarkable mastery of digital technology, particularly through the creation of numerous start-ups in various fields. I urge them to be more inventive and creative in the digital economy sector, which has bright prospects for the future,” Biya said.

He added: “Yet, while we may commend the rapid adoption of digitalization by our youth, we condemn the abuses noted in the use of such technological advances, especially on social media where vice, hate speech, and verbal violence abound and are increasingly rife.

“Accordingly, I urge our youth to use social media in a responsible, informed, and constructive manner, as their primary role is to provide platforms and opportunities for discussion, information, and communication in a wide range of fields,” he emphasized.

While indicating that, despite a challenging economic context, Cameroon is undergoing rapid transformation and numerous opportunities are available to youths in all fields, President Biya also called on youths to take advantage of them, not only to achieve personal development, but to also contribute to the task of nation-building which constitutes a key challenge for all Cameroonians without exception.

“I further urge you to strive to preserve our invaluable achievements of peace, national unity, and institutional stability, for it is thanks to them that we have made the remarkable progress of which we are so proud,” he said.

Urging youths to strive towards peace, Biya said they should turn a deaf ear to calls for destabilisation and antagonism from incorrigible detractors who claim to know everything and take delight in systematic criticism.

“You must also reclaim our social and republican values which, regrettably, it must be said, are fading in the mindsets of today’s youth,” he reiterated.

The president also noted that, with the availability of high-quality skills that will address new development needs as one of the major challenges currently facing Cameroon; training should be expanded to offer to provide all young people with the opportunity to acquire useful and relevant skills that would open up employment opportunities in every sphere.

In the meantime, the President said Government intends to mobilise additional resources for SMEs with the support of our development partners.

Concerning employment, Biya said “substantial efforts are made each year to create jobs and thus enable the youth to join the workforce.”

To the President, it is “thanks to the youth employment promotion policy included in the Priority Action Plan 2030, 600 000 jobs are expected to be created annually, with the involvement of Regional and Local Authorities.”

“Such actions will be intensified with the setting up of the National Employment Council, which is expected to provide new solutions to reverse the unemployment trend and improve the productivity of our,” he said.

The President also used the opportunity to thank the Indomitable Lions for their brilliant performance in the just-ended TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON 2021.

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