NADEV Follows Up Empowerment Of IDPs In Fako

Participants at project result-sharing workshop

By Bouddih Adams

The Nkong Hill Top Association for Development, NADEV, on April 29, organised a workshop to share the results of a project that empowered some persons displaced by the war in the Anglophone Regions from their homes in the hinterlands.

NADEV is executing the project with the collaboration of the People of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP.

The project results-sharing workshop, which respected the barrier measures against COVID-19, was attended by some 20 IDPs made of men and women, some of them nursing mothers, who watched videos on follow-up in other communities where same projects are carried out.

The project which entailed training people in sustainable farming and petty trading and giving them inputs to carry on the activities is within the framework of NADEV’s “Transforming Lives and Communities by Enhancing Livelihoods Support for IDPS and Vulnerable Host Communities in Fako Division.

Gospel Nti Mabotiji, Gender and Community Action Officer at NADEV and Coordinator for the Livelihoods Project intimated: “We trained our clients to be self-sustaining”

She said they also observed that the IDPs who have either been raped, their family or friends killed, or property destroyed, need trauma healing sessions.

Some of the IPDPs were very enthusiastic about the skills they acquired and expressed the wish for NADEV to come for follow-up on their farms.

A leader of a host community asked if NADEV cannot also bring succour to people who are not IDPs but are more vulnerable than IDPs.

A Quarter Head from Mokundange said the people need more in the form of farm inputs than fiscal cash to put into business, given that agriculture is the backbone of that community. 

“Yes, but may be in the next project,” Nti Mabotiji replied.

A representative of the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Family Affairs and the Protection of Women, hailed NADEV and partners and wished that they could continue with such projects that gives support to women and their families, especially the vulnerable.   

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