“My Objective Is To Bring More Honour For Cameroon”— Gama Derick

Gama Derick Chiambah during ceremony of the Athletic Championship in Mauritius

 By Yerima Kini Nsom

Cameroon’s triple jump flag bearer to the African Athletics Championship that took place in Mauritius Island recently, Gama Derick Chiambah, says he is engaged in an onslaught to bring more honour to Cameroon by way of spectacular performance.

The triple jump giant skipper, who was rated in the 7th among 42 challengers from other African countries, told The Post that if he is selected for the Islamic Solidarity Games scheduled for Turkey next September, he will be gunning for nothing short of the Gold Medal. Before putting up a glory-studded performance in Mauritius, Cameroon’s champion was at the 12th position.

At 25, the Masters 2 student at the National Institute of Youth and Sports in Yaounde is bubbling with energy and ambition to write Cameroon’s name in gold in the upcoming international competitions. Gama Chiambah started his athletic career in gymnastics during the FENASCO games many years ago. He was later swayed into other disciplines like long jump, high jump, volleyball and basketball. At the beginning, even as his talents blossomed, he went for several national finals but never had a medal.

“It was difficult for me and all I knew was that I needed to work harder to one day become the best,” Gama narrated. The battle for brighter days continued when he got into the University of Buea. It was here that he was further encouraged to embrace triple jump, javelin and long jump.

Hear him: “My breakthrough started during my third University Games after hard work. I won a gold medal and from there, I have enjoyed many more moments of glory,” During the 2017 university games in Bamenda, he harvested a gold medal in the triple jump discipline.  That same year, he won a silver medal during the Cameroon Cup competition and emerged with the same title during the university games that took place in Maroua in 2018. During the 2019 Grand Prix International competition in Yaounde, he grabbed a bronze medal in triple jump. Gama maintained the same title at the 2019 National Championship.

In the 2020 Grand Prix International Yaounde, Gama, who hails from Fundong in Boyo Division of the Northwest Region, won a bronze medal in long jump and a silver medal in triple jump.

The multi-talented sports prodigy won a bronze medal in the 2021 National Championship and a gold medal in triple jump during the first African Championship of Francophone Clubs that took place in Douala recently. He equally harvested a gold medal in the 2022 Grand Prix International that took place in Douala recently. With a spectacular performance of 16.02 metres in triple jump, the athlete made his way into African Championship. He says he is determined to reach the zenith and kiss the skies in his sports career.

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