Music Mixer Dies In Buea Under Unclear Circumstances

Late Yuh Clevis holds his mixer before a background full of balloons

By Ngeh Nathalie and Brightly Amah (Journalism Students On Internship)

A Disc Jockey whose name The Post got Yuh as Clevis has died under unclear circumstances at Dirty South, a locality in Buea.

Clevis who also goes by the name DJ Ice is alleged to have died from food poisoning – The Post has not confirmed this claim.

He died on Monday, July 4, two days after being hospitalised on Saturday, July 2. The DJ celebrated his birth on June 3 this year.

Information we could not verify at press time said, two days before his death, he started getting strange noises at midnight. The noises of pots, and the footsteps of people, but whenever he gets ups he will not see anything.

However, family members have debunked and suspected Clevis’ friends of poisoning him. They want justice for their son, The Post has learnt.

Yuh Clevis’ relative, Prisca Bih, thinks that her brother might have been targeted by someone who overheard him and misinterpreted it.

“It’s either he was framed or an enemy overheard him talking,” Prisca said. “There are a lot of persons we are looking for, so please, while my family is looking for ways to find justice for my brother, don’t spread crazy rumours without a proper background check because you need traffic on your page.”

She properly wrote debunking other sources from bloggers attributing the cause of Clevis’s death to something else.

She equally shared a screenshot of her chats with Yuh Clevis on the morning of Saturday, July 2, that he was allegedly poisoned.

“Put me in your prayers sis,” Yuh Clevis, before his death, wrote to his sister. “I kept my keys under the door for Kela. After I cooked, then left home after she didn’t come. I came and took it then went for that DJ programme I told you about. I saw Caleb on my way.”

According to Clevis, he returned home, that is, on the night of Friday, July 1, and never ate the food (porridge yam).

“Hitting the food in this morning (Saturday, July 2) and eating, all my tummy is in pain being praying and drinking red oil,” the late Clevis wrote, accompanied by a tears-dropping emoji.

“All is well just include me in your prayers please,” Clevis told his sister that morning of July 2.

Probably, the situation intensified later that morning and he was rushed to the hospital – The Post could not figure out the name of the hospital. Other sources hold that he crawled out of his room and cried for help and was rushed to the hospital. The Post got a picture of Clevis lying in the hospital bed and, on the wall, it was written “A27. BED NO2”.

When he was complaining of pains to his sister, he suspected someone might have poisoned his food. That is because, the night he returned, he met his door open and was thinking it was thieves, but, fortunately for him, the room was still in order as he had left it.

Prisca said, when he complained of pains, they prayed that morning and, a few minutes later, she heard Clevis had been hospitalised. She tried to reach the hospital or the doctor to no avail.

“Ice, why what have you done to me, my Paddy, my twinny? Everything, you were what I always prayed for in a brother,” she eulogised in tears.

Our efforts to get Prisca to clarify us the Kela and Caleb mentioned in Clevis’ chat with her were fruitless.

Yuh Clevis who hails from Kom in the Northwest Region was the CEO of Ician Entertainment – a company that enabled him to move around and play songs on occasions.

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