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Miss Global Cameroon Solicits Support As She Vies For World Miss Global Crown

Lyne Malele, Miss Global Cameroon at her Buea press conference talking to journalists

By Andrew Nsoseka

Beauty queen, Lyne Malele, who is currently Miss Global Cameroon is on a campaign to solicit the support of her countrymen and women as she vies to wear the Miss World Global crown, when she competes against a host of other beauty queens from other countries around the world. She will be competing in Vietnam this year.

Lyne Malele says alongside votes from her folks back at home, she is also open to accepting support in form of sponsorships in the various forms, be it in the provision of various Cameroonian wears, flight tickets, and media coverage among others.

The August 1 press conference in Buea was one of the side-lines events she programmed for Buea, centred on a tour to the Southwest Region which saw her visiting some orphanages on. She has been carrying out similar activities in other regions of the country.  

During the tour and press conference, she revealed that she has selected to represent Cameroon at the World Miss Global coming up on October 11 to November 25 in Vietnam, where contestants from over 80 countries will be participating.

Lyne Malele will be the first Cameroonian to participate in World Miss Global pageant.

“I have the opportunity, in fact, to have the honour, to be able to represent our country on the Miss Global Stage from the October 11 to the November 25 this year.

“There will be over 80 countries represented there, and it will be the first time that Cameroon will be on this International Stage. The love and the support that I’ve received ever since my feet touched the ground in Douala has been enormous. I started touring and meeting people and going to orphanages and going to shelters.

“I mean, the love has been overwhelming. What I want from the public is for this love to continue, for the support to continue”. Miss Global Cameroon, Lyne Malele said.

She revealed that she was awarded her crown in California USA, where she battled with other Cameroonian women from neighbouring countries like Canada, Mexico. “So this is a responsibility that I take very, very seriously, and it is more than just a pageant to me. I think that the importance of it is that this is a social cause. It’s a mission that I’ve dedicated my life to, so with or without the pageant, without the crown, this is something that I have dedicated my life to doing for women, and especially for Cameroonian women,”

Malele says what she expects from Cameroonians is support, as she already wears the country’s crown, as is identified as such. “When I’m in the United States, when a Miss Global Organisation reaches out to me, I am not called Lyne Malele, they call me Cameroon. They say, ‘Cameroon do this, Cameroon is this completed?’ And yeah, I want to be supported. I want to feel the love that I’ve already felt ever since I stepped onto the soil of my ancestors” she said.

Lyne Malele says though into modelling, she rather sees herself as more of an ambassador for women.

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