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“Men Are Born To Cheat” – Girl Regrets, After Catching Boyfriend Red-handed

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By Ndasi Mildred

After breaking up with her boyfriend six years into their relationship, Roseline Mokake quickly concluded without proofs that men are born to cheat on their women.

Her depression could have been avoided if her ex-boyfriend, Edmond Yerimah, was faithful to her, she says.

They broke up in the bloom of their relationship, which might have ended in marriage. But the simple thought of sharing him with another woman was inconceivable to Roseline. She quitted the relationship when she caught Yerimah making love to another woman in his room, confirming years of suspicions she had already nursed.

“Men are born to cheat but, if he chooses you every time, then you should be satisfied with that,” Roseline says, as she struggles to forget her relationship woes.

She started dating Yerimah six years back, when they were still in high school. He treated her well, she says, but his flaws could not be overlooked.

During the hay days of the relationship, “he doesn’t let me touch his phone,” says Roseline, adding that she had suspected he was cheating on her. “At times he becomes violent when I try inquiring why he didn’t pick a particular call.” 

Roseline Mokake, nevertheless, dreamed of a life with Yerimah but, “Relationships never get to where they were intended to go,” she regrets after the break up.

“I saw a future with him but my tolerance level failed me when I actually caught him in the act.” Her suspicion was confirmed and she couldn’t take it any longer.

Surprisingly, Roseline’s lost love, Yerimah Edmond, seems very convinced that men do not need any reason to cheat on their women. He admitted that he cheated on her. Asked why he cheated on Roseline after dating her for six years, he says women’s attitudes could drive their men into cheating on them.

At one time in the relationship, he had also suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on him. “There are times I feel like my woman is cheating on me but I wave the thought away because it (was) induced by mere rumours.”

Yerimah says he never intended to end his six-year-old relationship with Roseline. However, his unfaithfulness, backed by his belief that he could cheat – even when there is no reason to do so – shattered all hopes for the union.

“I have been in this relationship for six years and what I can clearly say is that there was no magic behind our long-term relationship. Though what kept me going was the fact that I never came into the relationship to leave early,” he said.

Break ups and heartbreaks tend to be part of intimate relationships between men and women. Sometimes, they are caused by unfaithfulness of one or both or the parties. Unlike the case of Roseline and Yerimah, which has ended peacefully, many break ups caused by cheating usually end violently or even deadly.

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