Marius Loah Takes Fans By Storm With New Single

Marius Loah

By Yerima Kini Nsom

After a hiatus of reflection, Loah Marius, formerly known as “Marius KidFlash” has staged a triumphant come back and has once more taken his fans by storm. His latest album titled EIkong {love) is a veritable inter-generational blast that scores a direct hit into the hearts of his fans, the old and the young alike.

His latest release virtually arrested all major social media platforms in the world, and speaks volumes about Marius Loah’s creative ingenuity and his musical go-getting attitude. This time around, he takes his fans down memory lane with a mélange of Bottle Dance and highlife. This brings back sweet memories of the true Cameroonian music culture that goes the whole gamut of bottle dance, makossa and other genres.

At 21, Marius is conquering hearts and would make his parents, grandparents as well as his peers savour his inter-generational songs that are also moral lessons to couples. He calls on husbands and wives to hold their partners tight in the harmony of matrimonial love. His earlier musical releases include “Love Story”, “Your Heart”, and most recently, “Qualify” (part of the prophetic booster of Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions unto Qatar 22).

Marius is back, this time, with another sensational single. It’s both a danceable and engaging highlife and bottle dance number titled ‘Eikong’. Meaning ‘Love’ in Marius’ Kom language, ‘Eikong’ is bound to appeal to music lovers across the African continent and beyond.

In today’s world, which is increasingly rocked by hatred, and conflict, especially domestic, Marius makes his recent single stand out as a love parable. In his song, Marius appeals to both men and women that have a chance to love, embrace and properly take care of each other. This is important, as not all have had a chance to survive the very best experience of love. 

Marius’  “Eikong” is a byword of gentility with an additional flair that adds corpus to the national and international music industry and takes it to another level. ‘Eikong’ only marks another milestone in Loah’s young musical and artistic career.

Marius Loah is a multi-talented and versatile artist with a huge inspiration to go higher places in his musical career. He hails from the Kom royal family. His great grand father was His Royal Majesty Fon Loah Nengsha, who ruled the Kom Fondom from 1954 to 1966. Small wonder that he sings in English, pidgin and his native itanghikom language in all eloquence.

A student of ICT University in Yaounde, Marius says he will keep feeding his brain with academic knowledge while, at the same time, pursuing his musical career.

With a calm and collected appearance, Loah says it is incumbent on young people to work hard today as if there is no tomorrow. To him, there is no need to postpone to tomorrow what can be conveniently done today. He urges people to love their spouses today as if there is no tomorrow.  

Marius Loah is in a class of his own, he blends old and modern music to achieve a sensational effect on his fans. He is one of the youngest musicians with exceptional qualities in sound and meaning. At 21, Loah carries a music-filled head that is more creative than those of some of his older contemporaries.

If you quiz him on his artistic career and academics, you will listen to a young man whose ideas are quite instructive and catholic in scope, revealing that his mental age is centuries older than his chronological age. He is a star-studded lad with visionary clarity as to where he is coming from and where he is going to in his career.

The universe of his music is so big and so expansive that the number of his fans is swelling dramatically in different parts of the world. Small wonder that his vising to one of the western countries is already loading tremendously. 

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