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Limbe II Mayor Makes Road Construction Top Priority

Limbe II Mayor Makes Road Construction Top Priority

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Mayor of the Limbe II Council, HRH Chief Daniel Woka Ngale I of Bobende, has made the construction of access roads into the quarters within his Municipality a top priority.

This was the view following his 2020 balance sheet presented on Friday, May 21, during a council session. The session had been convened to examine the accounts for the fiscal year 2020.

From the Mayors’s accounts, a total of FCFA 650 million was budgeted for the above said year. But an additional FCFA 252 million from decentralisation projects from the different ministries finally raised the 2020 budget to FCFA 902 million, the Mayor said.

Out of the above said budget, the Council successfully realised the sum of FCFA 561.418 million.

Of this realised amount, the Mayor disclosed that FCFA 538.281 million was used up as expenditure both for recurrent and investment expenditure items.

As to what was invested for the benefit of the Limbe II population, the Mayor’s balance sheet showed that several roads into the quarters were concreted in order to ease the movement of the people in and out of their homes.

Among these roads he named the road that leads from the main road at Batoke right into the Batoke Chief’s Palace. The Council spent FCFA 4.8 million to concrete this stretch of road measuring 150 metres into the quarter that leads into the Palace.

Another FCFA 27 million was spent to construct and concrete the entrance up to the Council Offices at Mokundange. This stretch used to be very rugged and difficult for cars and the population to easily access the Council. But since the Mayor realised this project, this problem has been laid to rest.

The Mayor also concreted another road from the Botaland village right up to the Big John end for FCFA 22 million. This stretch of road that measures 600 metres has also helped to facilitate easy movement for the population.

 In his 2020 accounts, the Mayor disclosed further that a series of boreholes were also realised in some of the quarters that still have a problem of getting potable water. These quarters include the Botaland Community hall area, the Batoke Health Centre, Ngeme and Bobende where the Council spent a total of FCFA 32 million to provide them with potable borehole water supplies.

Mayor Chief Woka Daniel told the press that his main project this year was to provide solar lighting to some of the quarters that are still in darkness during night fall. This project which is going to cost the Council FCFA 61.5 million has already been awarded and will provide 40 solar lamp posts to these needy communities.

The Mayor concluded by stating that the current crisis hitting the Northwest and Southwest regions coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the big draw-backs to their efforts in meeting most of the people’s needs within the Limbe II Municipality.

On behalf of the Senior Divisional Officer, the First Assistant SDO, Ms Mariline Yefon, thanked the Mayor for all that he has been able to achieve for his people. He acknowledged the fact that the times have been difficult. She nonetheless reminded the Mayor and his councillors that the people were looking up to them to satisfy their needs. She urged them to be able to focus in the same direction as they strive to meet the needs of the population.

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