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Dear Ngwa

My dear brother, these things that you people are doing will sooner than later follow you and you progeny. Nemesis will soon catch up with you people. But I pity you most. The other man is going. His age mates have gone. What do you think will become of you guys who are still young when he is gone? Let me answer this one for you. You will pay to Cameroonian children what you spent your life protecting.

How can anyone in this whole wide world be protecting people who should be their ancestors, at the expense of youths? What can make someone, in their widest and wildest imagination, to sacrifice children to save their great grandfathers?  The time of reckoning is nigh.

We are actually dancing as the Chop-pipo-dem-moni cult is in shambles following the so-called reorganisation of its basic organs. Everyone else is complaining of corruption and rigging during the exercise. The people in the various places say the people they did not want are those who emerged as leaders. Hahahahaha! So, it pains them when the person they did not want and did not elect is declared winner, not so?

But that is what they have been doing for all the years to the opposition and, when the opposition complains and protests, they are charged with terrorism. We want Jango Atango to carry out the investigation and bring all the protesters in their various localities to book. If not, he and his clique should accept that they have animal kingdom mentality – to say the least.

We hear the new variant of the Coronavirus is more dangerous than the first two. Massa! Will this thing not go away? Well, we will not cease using the barrier measures stipulated by the World Health Organisation. At least, we are more comfortable when washing our hands with water fetched at the cost of time, money and risk; than when that coarse voice used to announce on his master’s voice that we should wash our hands regularly with water. Which water? – water which he has failed to provide to citizens for 40 long years, when this unfortunate triangle is blessed with water potential for each household to have potable water?

However, we will not relent in the campaign for people to get vaccinated, but Government policy should be clear. It should be made clear if it has become compulsory for citizens to take the vaccine. The other day it was the Mayor of Bamenda barring staff from coming to work if they have not taken the vaccine. Yesterday, it was the Governor of the East Region giving the command that no one should be allowed access in Government offices or other public premises, if they do not show proof of COVID-19 vaccine. Is that not making it compulsory? Initially, it was stated that it was one’s choice to take the vaccine or not.

The international community is an accomplice to your regime against the people of the Cameroons. Why do they continue giving loans to a wicked and out-dated regime that is eating its children? How do you explain the so-called achievements of the Major National Dialogue, which is said to involve reconstruction of the villages destroyed in the Anglophone Crisis, as your Prime Minister was saying upcountry and, at the same time, the military is roasting houses like sweet potatoes in Kikaikom, Kumbo? Please, ask your war monger, defence minister, and inform me. Are they burning houses so that they can be better reconstructed?

I am waiting for the reply.

Sincerely yours,


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