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Letter From Buea To Yaounde

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By Mbella

Dear Ngwa,

My brother, have you heard the provocative declaration made by your minister up-country about their topmost grievance against your regime, which is the un-kept promise of tarring the Ring Road? Does he mean that the Ring Road has not been tarred since 1994 when President Biya made the promise (37 years ago) to “personally supervise” its tarring, because of the insecurity that has been brought about by a conflict he sparked barely five years ago?

Are your minds so deadened and your ears so deafened by overzealous ambition to be in the good books of the regime that you don’t think or listen to what you are saying? Sooner or later, one of you will come down here to tell us that the Victoria Deep Seaport was not constructed because we did not help to fight insecurity. Or that the Kumba-Mundemba Highway has taken all this while because of insecurity. Is this your insecurity you are talking about, the insecurity against your regime or the insecurity facing the people? Talking about Mundemba in Ndian; that is a Cholera outbreak there in Ekondo-Titi and in the Bakassi area.

Your regime will soon be singing again the broken record song telling people to drink water from good sources and wash their hands regularly with clean water. Where should they get the good water from?

Where has your regime put the good water sources? If we were only to depend on good water alone – not the love of God for his children and our ancestors who are with Him – we would have all perished during the Corona campaign period, because your regime has failed to provide water to the people, despite the huge water potential of the country. Yet your champion was raucously boring the ears of the people on national radio to “wash hands regularly with clean water.”

There goes again your regime, committing another heinous human rights abuse. Chaining a sick man to a bed is cruel. This is a man who has been in detention or has been virtually imprisoned for over one year for supposedly planning with the MRC party to carry out street demonstrations. It is same torture your regime meted on Thomas Nganyu Tangem by chaining him to a hospital bed until he died. Anyway, the day of reckoning is nigh. The Good Book says there is no repentance in the grave.

I hear you guys will celebrate the anniversary of your champion for being in power almost four decades. Why provoke the people to this extent? You want to use the people’s money to celebrate the reign of a regime that has never delivered the goods to same people?

Is it true that the former workers of the seaports under the Bolloré Group are protesting against the non-payment of their dues? Let me gossip this one with you. There is also close circle natter that the Frenchman’s rein in Africa is coming to an end. They say, if true, then, it would be the end of puppets France put in power in Africa to protect its interest, through Bolloré. But please, don’t mention my name when you are finding out ohhh. I hear they also hire assasins to neutralise persons who talk ill of them or know their secret agenda.

We have heard about you guys having started organising calls asking Nkukuma to go for re-election. But 2025 is a long time to come. Why are you in haste? Or, maybe, I should guess the reason: a cabinet reshuffle may be around the corner. Those organising such events and making the calls want to be in the spotlight either to be maintained in positions they occupy or to be appointed to positions they will enjoy. Don’t think that you are fooling the people. They know all these gimmicks.

You may even, right now, give the results of the election, as would be won by him in 2025. We know all those gimmicks.

By the way, will he be around in 2025? He told the people, in 2004, that those wishing him dead will have to wait for 20 years – and that is in 2024. Please, can you ask him if it was a prophecy that will be fulfilled?

I am anxiously waiting for answers to these few questions.

Sincerely yours


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