Landslide, Truck Kill 5 In Limbe

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Five people have died in Limbe, Fako Division, in less than 24 hours. In the morning of Wednesday, July 19, two men died in Mawoh Quarter after a building collapsed on them. Locals say the building collapsed following heavy rains that plagued the city of Limbe that morning.

In the evening of that Wednesday, a truck killed three persons at Bundes Junction, still in Limbe. Reports say they were on a bike when the truck swerved to avoid a pothole filled with runoff water and hit them.

Images of all the two incidents circulated on social media, one showing the first two men being pulled out from the house. The other showed the three killed by the truck lying on the street. The population of Limbe says they are in shock.

At Bundes Junction in Limbe, where three people were killed, locals blamed the authorities for not doing much to drain the water that always occupies the area each time it rains.

Heavy rains have been wreaking havoc, not only in Limbe, but also in Buea. The incident in Limbe is coming just a few months after huge runoffs from Mount Fako wreaked havoc in Buea, killing at least three persons.

These calamitous happenings, environmentalists say, need to be taken seriously.

Limbe is located along the coastline and, in the past, the city has countless incidents of flood.

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