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HWPL Urges Gov’ts To Protect Children’s Rights As COVID-19 Threatens Literacy

The Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light, HWPL, has called on governments and stakeholders around the world to prioritise children’s rights to education which is being threatened by COVID-19 and numerous conflicts.

During an online seminar on human rights, HWPL stated that governments should constitute “nationwide and social” efforts to protect the education rights of children as millions of children drop out of school due to COVID-19 lockdowns and insecurity.

One of those who participated at the seminar was Thai human rights lawyer, Natalie Bergman. She proposed that governments should facilitate education by providing computers, smartphones and internet free of charge for students’ online studies and guarantee legal rights and vaccination of immigrant workers.

In Cameroon, HWPL said, “there have been many attacks on schools, students, and teachers in the Anglophone regions since 2016. It resulted in a large number of students not going to school and receiving a proper education. According to the United Nations, 81 percent of children were out of school across the North-West and South-West regions during the 2019 to 2020 academic year.”

Statistics indicate that 160 million children in the world are out of school, with UNESCO estimating that about half the world’s students are still affected by partial or full school closures caused by COVID-19.

UNESCO also predicts over 100 million more children could be unable to read or write well, if nothing is done to improve on access to education around the globe.

While working on a “practical solution” to the human rights situation, HWPL says it “is calling for social and nationwide efforts to protect children’s human rights and the right to education triggered by the Coronavirus outbreak.”

The organisation will also held its annual September 18 World Peace Summit for peace and the cessation of war, and this year marks the 7th anniversary.

By Modest Nformi (UB Journalism Student on Internship)

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