How Orange Foundation Is Economically Empowering Women

Ehabe expounding on activities of Orange Foundation in Cameroon

Ehabe expounding on activities of Orange Foundation in Cameroon

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

To better understand the Orange Foundation concept of economic empowerment of women through the Digital Centres operating within the structures of the Promotion of Women and the Family Centres, CPFFs, reporters spoke to the Secretary-General of the Orange Foundation Cameroon, Elizabeth Ehabe. The occasion was the award of grants to meritorious female entrepreneurs at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel.

On what the February 8, 2022, event was all about, she said they were “celebrating two extraordinary women trained in the Digital Centres of Bangangté and Akono. These two women were awarded grants to implement their income-generating projects. This is part of our digital centres initiative through which we support the economic empowerment of women, enabling them to run activities that can help them to become financially independent; take care of the needs of their families and contribute to the wellbeing of communities.

 “Today we had two beneficiaries. We also had testimonies from beneficiaries of previous years of this initiative coming from Meyomessi, Maroua and Bamenda. They testified how Orange Digital Centres have brought positive changes in their lives. We are part of their dynamism, persistence and resilience in the wake of all the challenges of life that come through their way. Orange Foundation is here to support such women through training, award of small grants and coaching for them not only to implement their projects but to successfully do so,” Ehabe stated.

On the motivation and reason for targeting women particularly, the Orange Foundation Cameroon Scribe said, “It is obvious that women are sometimes left out of the classic educational system. They constitute a greater number of dropouts of school in the world; they are the last to learn the use of digital tools and so on.

“Orange Foundation decided to implant women digital centres to give such women access to digital technology. So, we start by giving such women training on how to use a computer; manage income-generating projects; and basic financial education training. For those who are not literate, we start with literacy classes and get them to build themselves up from there.

“In the end, they apply for a grant and some of them are selected; funding is provided to enable them to implement their projects. In addition to the grants, we enable those women to form njangi groups like saving and loan schemes, teach them management techniques on how to successfully run these groups so that with their own self-generated funds through the power of savings, they can initiate more incoming generating projects and successfully implement them,” Ehabe succinctly told reporters.

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