How Makeup Has Landed Men Into Wrong Relationships

Etah Marions smiles with her beautiful makeup done by Elsie Sohna, Buea based makeup artists | Pic credit: Elsie Sohna

By Nvenenkeng Susan

Twenty-six-year-old Oben George, a welder in Buea, is still to recollect himself and move on with his life two years after he was cajoled into a relationship by a makeup-wearing girl.

It was on one evening in 2020 when Oben was about to close his workplace that his friend stopped by and invited him for a birthday party at a snack bar in Molyko, Buea. He was feeling reluctant to go, but the fact that other friends were going to be there, changed his mind.

He moved into the bar at about 9pm and he has never forgotten about that night. While enjoying the party, Oben spotted a girl from a distance.

“I realised a beautiful girl was standing nearby and chatting with her friends.” Oben says the girl was “so adorable and stunning” and he could not get his eyes off her no matter how hard he tried.

“I then decided to make my intentions known and, fortunately for me, I got her to accept to be my girlfriend.”

The girl was called Loveline, Oben remembers.

 They dated for months, but a stalemate erupted two weeks into the relationship, when Oben discovered that he fell in love for the wrong reasons. He was carried away by the girl’s makeup until he saw her actual face and things started going down south.

“It was two weeks into our relationship and I invited her over to come to spend the night with me. So we could get to know ourselves one-on-one and she accepted.” Oben called his friends and presented his party sweetheart to them. After acquaintances that day, they went out on a date and had fun.

“She spent the night at my place and, when she got up, she was a completely different person.” Oben George recollects what transpired in the morning.

“She looked like she switched places with another person,” he says.  “I even had to ask her what happened to her face but she ignored the question. To cut it short, we had breakfast and she left. since then, I decided not to continue chasing her because I felt like I was deceived by her looks”.

 This is the challenge most men are going through in the hands of women. The Post reported a story recently of how women wear makeup to lure guys into having relationships with them.

Like Oben George, many men have landed themselves into wrong relationships because they were carried away by a woman’s artificial beauty.

 Ayuk Cyril has never been a victim of makeup but he says makeup is bad when a girl wears it to deceive men.

Ayuk says he used to dislike women who wear makeup, but when he got married, his wife took interest in it and now he likes it because she likes it.

Keven Bernard, a Buea inhabitant, tells The Post , “Makeup should depend on the occasion”.

According to him, his girlfriend only wears makeup for specific events and doesn’t exaggerate it all in the name of fashion. “Girls should not use makeup as a means to attract men,” he advises.

Meanwhile, others like Mofor Navia think that makeup makes a woman self-confident, especially during formal events.

She does not see anything bad with it because she just likes doing it and that it only becomes bad when one uses it to attract men.

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