Hamidou, Teacher Who Died Without Salary For 10 Years

The Hey Days of Hamidou in Government Secondary of Beka

The Hey Days of Hamidou in Government Secondary of Beka

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

On March 8, news went viral on different social media platforms of the death of Hamidou, a Sports and Physical Education teacher in the North Region of Cameroon who died without a salary after teaching for 10 years.

Without a salary for 120 months at Government High School Beka in Faro Subdivision, Hamidou serves his fatherland with pride hoping for a bright future. While grumbling, the patriotic youth never gave up but stayed focused on a better tomorrow.

For sure, Hamidou must have run to his authorities trying to explain his situation. It is not known the type of reaction and attention that was given to him but in a normal and usual case, no one gave him a listening ear as he was asked to go and come tomorrow.

He would have made countless visits to Yaounde incurring heavy transportation fair, trying to see his problem solved and the normal go and wait altitude was given to him. Maybe without anything, he was still asked to compiled documents and even had to give some physical cash to those who promised to help him. Worse of all, someone should have been ‘sitting’ on his file; sad.

Today he is gone. Who is going to pay for what happened to him? A question no one is ready to answer but Hamidou just like many who had died, did not have a penny to take care of himself despite his dedicated services rendered to the nation.

Born on April 12, 1983, in Yaounde, Hamidou is a holder of a diploma from the National Youth of Sports and Physical Education in Garoua obtained between 2009 and 2011.

On April 5, 2012, Hamidou was posted to the Government Secondary School Beka in Faro Division, North Cameroon through a service note, signed by the then Governor of the Region, Haman Gambo. He would take his duty service on April 13, 2012.

Having served passionately to February 14, 2022, the 38-year-old secondary teacher saw his ten-year service to the State producing fruits as the Minister of Public Service, Joseph Lé, signed his integration decision. Within the years when he did not have a salary, Hamidou decided to turn to agriculture as his Plan B so as to keep his family alive.

However, before integrating him to the Cameroon Public Service, Minister Lé is said to have sent him a “letter of congratulations” in which, he mentioned his “exemplary way of serving, despite the constraints and conditions” that surround the exercise of his duties.

Nevertheless, Joseph Lé had noted his self-sacrifice, his dedication and his “flawless” professionalism, which according to him, are admired by his superiors and his students. He sent his warm and heartfelt congratulations and urged him to continue on the path of excellence.

Hamidou will only savour this appreciation and goodwill gesture from the Minister in seven days and he is reported to have died on March 8, after a brief illness leaving behind a family and an eight-year-old daughter to mourn him.  According to medical reports, Hamidou is said to have died of cardiac arrest.

The story looks pathetic and shows what some Cameroonians are going through to serve the fatherland. Many have died in silence thanks to difficulties in securing a matricule in Cameroon Public Service. This should serve as a lesson for government to step up their action toward serving Cameroonians.

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