Guidance Counsellors Implored To Promote Entrepreneurial Thinking In Schools

Boniface Bayaola speaking during the ceremony

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Guidance counsellors throughout the national territory have been called to double their efforts in promoting entrepreneurship mindset in schools.

The call was made on October 22 in Yaounde by authorities of the Ministry of Secondary Education, MINESEC during celebrations marking the 21st edition of the National Guidance and Counselling day. The day was commemorated under the theme, “Guidance Counselling and the promotion of the entrepreneurial mindsets in schools.

The occasion was chaired by Boniface Bayaola, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of Teacher’s Training, SEESEN. During the event, the regional chief of service, school Mapping and Orientation in the Northwest Region, Joseph Kaunde said it is necessary to create an entrepreneurial mindset because it increases self-confidence.

“It is important for guidance counsellors to work extremely to inculcate the entrepreneurship mindset in students. This is what is needed and I am urging them,” he said.

He indicated that the 2020-2030 National Development Strategy, in objective 285, aims at strengthening or introducing programmes on entrepreneurship and, as such, it is important to provide entrepreneurship development among schooling adolescents by equipping them for appropriate adjustments in the field of work.

He added that students not capable of continuing at high school should benefit maximally from this innovation and process for appropriate apprenticeship training at the end of their secondary school education.

“The theme was conceived in the Northwest region after so much brainstorming. It was discovered that, after graduation, some students do not continue their education. If this is inculcated in the mindsets of the students to understand that it is not about working in the public service but developing the mind and thinking of what to do; it is going to help them. For the entrepreneurial mindsets to be implemented in schools, authorities think that regular meetings at the regions, divisions, subdivisions and schools will be heightened,” Joseph Kaunde said.

Going by experts, guidance counselling and entrepreneurial mindsets are meant to foster sustainable economic innovation in students for self-development, self-satisfaction and national growth.

To them, these are strong determinants of human life as they affect students from childhood to maturity. To ensure the effectiveness of all efforts geared towards promoting entrepreneurial mindset development, it is recommended that proactive measures be made to prevent and wipe out corruption plaguing the system.

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