Gov’t’s New Digital Insurance Platform Neutralises Fake Business Operators

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By Francis Tim Mbom

The Government, through the Ministry of Finance, has launched a new digital insurance platform, dna-minfi.cm, which experts in the Ministry say will clean the sector of all those who have been doing illegal business through the sales of fake insurance attestations.

The site is supposed to have gone operational as of May 1, pending its official launch by the Government.

This move by the Government was disclosed on Thursday, April 29, in Limbe during a one-day Insurance Awareness Open Day gathering that was organised by the SW Regional Delegate in charge of insurance services, Ms Lydia Ekwa epse Jackai.

“I note, with satisfaction, that one of the objectives of this gathering is to clean up and re-organise the operations of this sector.”

The above was the observation of the Inspector General at the Southwest Governor’s Office, Mr Ngembane Daniel Ekole, who presided at the gathering on behalf of Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai.

Mr Ngembane who, especially, saluted the efforts of the Delegate to organise this pioneer insurance awareness come-together, noted that taking an insurance policy to protect one against any unforeseen risk in future is very important. For instance, taking an insurance policy against fire, life insurance, automobile insurance, industrial accidents or other damages is good for all to have.

But he noted people have come to develop a lot of mistrust for the insurance sector which, largely, has been caused by aspects of corruption, fake insurance dealers and insurance racketeers.

He said he was happy that the theme of the workshop was based on “insurance and customer satisfaction.”

Thus, with the institution of the new platform, the Government is out to ensure proper accountability, transparency and credibility in all insurance operations, especially in the automobile sector, from now hence.

The workshop was attended by representatives of several insurance companies operating in the Southwest and beyond.

The participants were treated to three different presentations based on the IDA Convention which is a tool set up by the Government to speed up payment of claims.

The Chief of Service for International Cooperation in the Ministry of Finance, Mbeinta Lambert Chia, drilled the participants on the IDA Convention. He said this convention was introduced to take care of the long delays and bottlenecks that car owners have suffered or faced in the process of following their claims in cases of automobile accidents. With this, the procedure whereby the payment of claims has to rely on police or gendarmerie investigations has been eliminated and all claims below FCFA 500,000, with the IDA convention, can now be paid by insurance companies directly.

The participants were treated also to a presentation which dwelled on: “Reorganisation of the automobile branch: Digital platform for the Centralisation of car insurance policies. With this, through the MINFI site – DNA-MINFI.CM, car owners who buy an insurance attestation or policy can instantly verify on the site if the policy they have obtained is valid or not. Besides, the Ministry, through this platform, shall be able to monitor the sales of all policies by all insurance companies. With this, all fake dealers shall no longer have any space in the insurance market.

The SW Manager of the Prudential Beneficial Insurance, Dr Pius Enow, thanked the Government and the Regional delegate for having brought them together for a very first time. He said the new measures by the Government were going to improve their operations and rebuild public trust in their services. He advised that an insurance union be formed in the SW to enable them to be able to better check against those trying to infiltrate their ranks with illegal practices.

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