Genie Capital Launches Revolutionary Property Management Services To Rescue Landlords

Genie Capital Managing Director Otto Beseka and team members at Buea office

Genie Capital Managing Director Otto Beseka and team members at Buea office

By Andrew Nsoseka

Property Management enterprise, Genie Capital, with headquarters in Buea – Cameroon has launched property management services that seek to revolutionise and professionalise the management of properties, by reducing the pressure on property owners.

Talking to The Post, Otto Beseka Isong, Managing Director of Genie Capital, said they have observed that most property owners, especially landlords and landladies, go through a lot of stress to get tenants, collect rents, and maintain their structures to remain in good state.

Otto told The Post that they have observed that, in most cases, the property owners always tend to hand over the caretaking of their property to certain individuals or family members and then later fall out with them because, along the line, they misbehave or fail to do the work properly since they lack the skills to do it.

He noted that, with a team of dedicated staff, Genie Capital Ltd is offering professional services whereby, a deal is reached with property owners who transfer the management of their property to Genie Capital Ltd, to do property assessment, manage the property, get in the right users or tenants, handle the cleaning of common spaces and waste management, collect rents, handle bills, coordinate repairs, produce financial records, manage tenants, and others.

“When you look at what happens in most properties given out for rent, there are tenants who don’t know how to take care of a house, some are just wicked. With our services, we ensure that we screen all tenants applying to stay in a building and pick the best – those that can take care of the house as if it is theirs. There are house owners whose tenants pay the rents always, but the destruction they do to the house is enormous. With us, such things will be avoided. They are property owners who have stress issues running after tenants to recover rents, some even run away with the money, with Genie Capital, the landlord or land lady will just see the money in their accounts because we have a team of professionals to do all of that,” Otto said.

On hygiene, he said, while the screening process makes sure that only the best tenants and those who can pay their rents timely get into Genie Capital-managed properties, the team has cleaners dedicated to properties to clean them always, and ensure the wellbeing of the properties so that even after several years, the structure is still in good shape.

Genie Capital revealed that, so far, they are already managing multiple properties in Buea, and look forward to handling more. With headquarters at Mile Mile 18, Genie Capital’s Sales Representative, Enjema Kulu, says customers can easily reach them through their website, or through Facebook.

Genie Capital’s Managing Director said, in cases where the property managers deem necessary, they calculate the worth of the property, and can go ahead to pay the property manager a percentage of what they make a year, and then manage it, while the owner simply receives money in their account.

According to Otto and team, Cameroonian property owners in the Diaspora can benefit most from the services offered by Genie Capital. At the Management level, Otto works in collaboration with Enjema Kulu as Sales Representative, Afanwi Ndifon, Administrative/Finance Assistant and Honorine Kanla as Event Specialist.

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