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GCE 2022: Examiner Narrates What He Encountered Before Getting Scripts Marked

By Agborashu B. Ayuk

A section of Ordinary Level candidates writing GCE Economics 1 at BGS Molyko June 28, 2022

Thirty-six-year-old Kundang Robert has been a GCE Advanced Level marker for the past three years, but each time he was in Buea for marking, lodging has never been a problem for him until recently.

On Thursday, July 28, Kundang arrived Buea from Yaounde for the marking of the 2022 GCE Examination and unlike the previous years, he never had any clue where he was going to spend the night.

The hotels he visited in town were already occupied, mostly by other examiners who had arrived before him to start marking the 2022 GCE examinations.

“I arrived (in) Buea Thursday, 28 July, in the night because I had to come from Yaounde. Upon my arrival that night, most of the hotels at my reach were already full as teachers from near who came earlier had already taken them,” he says.

It was a bad and frustrating experience for him because he knew no one in the town who could accommodate him.

“I had no option but to run to Molyko in search of a student who could offer his room to me and I will pay him for the number of days that I will use the room,” he says.

With his marking centre being at Government High School Bokwango, leaving from Molyko daily was, not only costly to the Mathematician, but also strenuous, he adds.

Kundang tells The Post he did not come to Buea very early for the marking because he “did not have enough time to come stay for long, because I had many things doing in Yaounde, focusing on some family issues and business”. 

Arriving just one day before the marking, he barely had a place to stay.

He says accommodation was not a problem last year when he marked the GCE in Limbe for his third time. This year, A/Level Mathematics is being marked in Buea and with it comes to his housing challenges.

“Actually last year I marked the GCE in Limbe because Advance level subjects were been marked there, and I lived in Mile 4. But this year I am marking in Buea. Comparing my experience of last year and that of this year, I will say last year was better as I was at my cousin’s house at the marking centre…

“In fact, it was a relaxation time for me, compared to now that I have to buy food at the roadside and have to be paying for transportation to work since there’s no car given to me this year as my cousin is not around to send me his car from Limbe,” he furthers.

The challenges GCE Examiners like Kundang Robert face in getting accommodation in Buea during the two-week exercise is not faced by every Examiner.

Outside view of the GCE Board headquarters in Buea | Pic credit: WasaMundi

Some rather find comfort when they travel to the Town of Legendary Hospitality. This is the case of Kuendun Joseph, an examiner of Advanced Level History.

Kuendun, 34, has travelled to Buea or Limbe to mark the GCE every August since 2020, when he became an Examiner.

Unlike last year, when he was marked in Limbe, this year, his subject, History, is being marked at PCSS Buea Town.

“I have relatives in Buea, a cousin and two kids. So I did not really have a problem with where to stay because I am living with my cousin right now,” Kundang says.

“Last year I marked in Limbe and I had a family friend there which I stayed with, so there was practically no difference between the two houses I lived in.”

The marking of the 2022 session of the GCE started on Friday, July 29. At press time, examiners were rounding off with the exercise, which ends soon.  

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