FCFA 47 Million Reportedly Stolen From CCA Bank Limbe

A road side view of CCA Limbe branch office where thieves reportedly stole FCFA 47 million

BY Francis Tim Mbom 

Some seven persons, among them six staff of the Credit Communaute D’Afrique (CCA) Bank in Limbe, The Post gathered, were arrested and detained by the Limbe Gendarmerie on June 7, after close to FCFA 50 million was reported missing from the bank.

The six were arrested as principal suspects in an ongoing investigation of the theft of FCFA 47 million from the bank on the night of Saturday, June 4.

Among the suspects are the bank Manager, the cashier and the night watchman. The Limbe branch of the CCA Bank is a one-storey building located in the Church Street vicinity. The seventh suspect is said to be a contractor or technician who installed the security camera system at the bank.

It is not long since this building was constructed to host the Limbe branch of the bank. But thieves are reported to have broken into the bank at night via the roof and allegedly carted away FCFA 47 million from the bank’s safe.

Following the incident, the Limbe State Counsel was seized by the authorities of the bank and, consequently, the State Counsel ordered for the arrest of the suspected staff who have since been collaborating with the Gendarmes and the Legal Department to determine who among the suspects has anything to do with the theft.

The Post gathered that they are being charged for aggravated theft whereby they broke into the bank and used a false key to access the bank’s safe before making away with the sum of FCFA 47 million.

Most banks today, if not all, are built and furnished with internal and or external camera systems that can record, on a 24 hour basis, every activity that transpires inside or outside the bank. But The Post gathered that the security cameras in the bank had apparently gone to sleep or malfunctioned on the day of the alleged theft, reason why the technician who installed the system is also among those being investigated.

The seven were brought before the Limbe Court on Friday, June 24, for the court to proceed with the preliminary investigations into the matter. The Court’s investigation is said to have continued on Wednesday, June 29.

If the Court eventually finds them liable, then the State Counsel, on behalf of the People of Cameroon, shall proceed to submit the matter for a full hearing before the Buea High Court.

In a similar case, The Post also gathered that the accountant of a popular Pentecostal Church in Limbe is also on the run after allegedly making away with FCFA 4 million from the Church’s coffers.

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