End This Senseless War And Stop The Ridiculousness


Members of the regime are out again, overtly and covertly, chastising human rights bodies and some civil society organisations, for calling the real and true names of the atrocities committed in the senseless war in Anglophone Cameroon.

Amnesty International, AI, and Human Rights Watch, HRW, championing the campaign among other rights groups and Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, for an end to human rights abuses and killings and burnings; had issued releases, stating in facts and figures, the atrocities committed.

The Government has dismissed the statements as a smear campaign and pitching them on the mantra; “an attempt to destabilise the state.” 

Government has, again, debunked the assertions of the rights groups, just as it did in the killing by soldiers of women and children in the Far North and the massacre in Ngarbuh in the Northwest Region. But it turned around and shamefully admitted when the facts were laid bare beyond reasonable doubt.

The fact is that atrocities are committed by both parties. To Government, if at all there is any condemnation, it should be placed fully and roundly on the other party. If there is any medical or humanitarian assistance, it should be availed only to Government forces.

But the conventions on the operations of these international organisations state that they shall provide assistance to both parties in a conflict. Behaving the way Government is doing implies that the Government signs conventions without reading them.

Organisations like Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent assist victims on both sides in a conflict. In the case of Cameroon, in the war between Government forces and Non-state Armed Groups, NSAG; if soldiers are wounded, they care for them and, if the NSAG fighters are wounded, they also care for them.

One really feels uncomfortable when approached by foreign colleagues on the issues in this country. That a mere demand for restructuring of the state so that everyone feels a sense of belonging, could end up in a war, is what they cannot understand and what makes one ashamed in front of them.

Look at the way February 11 came and went like a despicable charade. If the Government had heeded the counsel of the international community, we won’t be patching up the celebration of that historic day, that important day in the life of what should be a nation.

February 11 – Empire Day or Plebiscite Day, as it was called in the days of yore – was celebrated in those days with pomp and pageantry. No longer, today. The on-going war is rooted in what happened on February 11, 1961, when a majority of the then Southern Cameroonians voted to attain independence by joining their brothers of French Cameroon as two states equal in status.

The date or day was feted every year. If we had not started this senseless war, or, if we had ended it, there would have been no need to pick pieces, patch and tinker them together in the name of celebrating the anniversary of the Plebiscite. 

Today, administrators stage very childish and ridiculous sketches to deceive whomever, that the day was celebrated in their jurisdiction, and take credit from their either gullible or deceitful injudicious appointers or bosses.

In some jurisdictions, the administrators organised the February 11 march-past days before, got the videos and then floated them on that Friday – to deceive the world that the occasion took place on that day.

In other places, the administrators avoided the traditional ceremonial ground, coerced parents to bring their children to the esplanade of the Divisional Office, then got chairs and sat outside with their état-major  took photos and videos, spread them and boasted that the event to place. Now: Who is fooling who?

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