EBC Church 50th Anniversary: Christians Count Blessings, Challenged To Complete Great Commission

Naseri Paul Bea and others popping champagne during celebrations

By Etienne mainimo Mengnjo

Christians of Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church, EBC Yaounde, have been challenged to count their blessings and complete the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The call was made in Yaounde on July 9 by Rev. Dr. Joseph Jikong, Senior Pastor of the Church, during celebrations marking the Golden Jubilee of the Church.

The Governor of the Center Region, Paul Naseri Bea, represented the Head of State, Paul Biya, during the celebrations. He was accompanied by government dignitaries, religious and traditional authorities as well as delegations out of the country.

The 50th anniversary of EBC was celebrated under the theme, “Listening to the Holy Spirit, Pressing on with the Mission.”

Preaching under the title, “As we Celebrate Our Golden Jubilee,” Rev. Dr. Jikong told Christians that, “As we count our blessings, correcting our blunders, we must complete the great mission as long as we are breathing.”

 “Beloved, as we celebrate our golden jubilee, we must see people only in two categories: those who have lost and those who are found…where are you? Among the lost or the found? Today, you can join the celebrations by trusting Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord. Are you willing?” he added.

He maintained that the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, as well as EBC are the Church for everybody who loves and ready to serve and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. “Cameroon may be divided between but the church is not divided. Everyone is a Christian. Let us show love which Christ showed and gave us.”

Meanwhile, the Field Pastor of Yaounde, Rev. Enoch Jumbuin, who also came in as the representative of the Executive President of CBC, said: “CBC celebrate God for what He has done and we are trusting Him of what he will do through the church. The Executive President reminds us that as the first church in the city of Yaounde, EBC should be a trail blazer, leading the churches of CBC in the Centre, East and South Regions to grow further and more seriously down the path of evangelism, missions, discipleship and outreach with the social ministries…the church must say focus on her mission of discipling others.”

To Philemon Yang, Christian of EBC, he has very good memories and “I was a student when in all started and I have seen many things and I can only feel that the church has blessed many people and blessed me as well as many Cameroonians who are not here today.”

During the Church Service, an anniversary cake was cut, followed by speeches and the launching of the 7th edition of the EBC Panorama. According to the Church, celebrations marking the 50th anniversary will be commemorated throughout the year on every first Sunday of every month.

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