CPDM Mayor Cries Foul In Reorganisation Malpractices

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Mayor of the Limbe I Council, Florence Eposi Mbuaye has condemned the manner in which the final phase of internal party elections within the ranks of the CPDM Party in Limbe were conducted.

“My impressions are too bad. I am not really satisfied with the way the elections were conducted. Fako I A has 19 sub-sections. But at the end of the elections, today, only 17 sub sections took part in the elections…And I, as a candidate, has not been able to vote today because my name failed to appear on the voter’s list. I was surprised because in the list of the electorate that came yesterday, Friday September 24, my name was on it. But today, the in the list that left the CPDM Secretariat to the Polling Station where I was to vote, my name was not on it,” said Mayor Eposi Mbuaye.

Mayor Eposi Mbuaye was speaking to the press on Saturday, September 25, after the close of elections to get the new Section Presidents who shall, henceforth man the Limbe I A Section of the CPDM Party in the Main, Women and Youth Wings.

Eposi was one of the two candidates who were vying to head the W Wing of the Party. But towards the end of the polls, tentative results from the field were already indicating that the Mayor had lost heavily to the Incumbent W Wing candidate, Mrs Eposi Njanjo Williams.

Mayor Eposi said if the leadership of the Party in Limbe does not call for a reconciliation meeting so as to resolve the problem, then, the situation might grow worse before the national elections expected in 2025.

Eposi spoke to the press while at her campaign coordinating quarter at the Limbe Council Hall. 

It was an extremely quiet atmosphere while she spoke to the press. But not far from the Council Hall, that’s at CPDM Secretariat, there was total jubilation characterised by the booming of loud celebration music. Hundreds of militants had camped there with Andrew Motanga, the Limbe City Mayor, who had also been re-elected as the Section President of the Main Wing of the Limbe I A Section.

Meantime, Mayor Barrister Nseke Dibotti is reported to have secured a win in the Limbe I C or Limbe III Section as the new Section head. In the Limbe II Section, the First Deputy Mayor of the Limbe II Council is reported to have ousted the Incumbent, Barrister Ngale Ngomba Eric, a week ago, to take over the running of the Party. Mayor Chief Woka Ngale Ndive is said to have stayed his earlier ambitions to stand following a party rule which put a stop to all chiefs from going in.

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