CJARC Launches Platform For Better Traceability Of People With Disabilities

CJRAC official presenting the platform to the public

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The Club for the Young Blind Rehabilitated of Cameroon, better known as CJARC, has officially launched a platform that is aimed at better tracing persons living with disabilities in Cameroon.

The platform dubbed SUPEH (Digital Platform of Geo-localised follow-up of Disabled People) was presented to the public recently in Yaounde.

SUPEH is a centralised online database with a mobile application usable with or without an internet connection. The launching ceremony was attended by representatives of Ministries as well as foreign partners through a virtual session.

Speaking after the launching ceremony, Fon Asongtia Valentine Foreke, the personal representative of the Minister of Social Affairs hailed the project indicating that the database will help to consolidate the existing database in the Ministry.

He added that the database base will also help to come out with information concerning the needs, well-being, and other preoccupations that persons living with disabilities are facing. To him, It is also in line with public development policies.

“I am thrilled with the project because it is going to help consolidate what we already have in the Ministry of Social Affairs. This will also help us to come out with the level of information as concerns the needs, well-being, and other preoccupations that persons living with disabilities are facing in the country,” Fon Asongtia said.

To the Director-General of CJARC, Bertin Coco Mowa, after the presentation, the CJARC team will down to the various councils to train different actors who are going to use the platform to register persons living with disabilities in the national territory.

“SUPEH is aimed at improving the impact of public development policies in favour of people with disabilities through a better control of the quantitative and qualitative demand of their needs,” Coco Mowa said.

He, however, called on councils that have not yet aligned to the initiative to do so because data obtained will help the government and partners make decisions concerning persons living with disabilities.

Besides tracing persons living with disabilities in the country, the database is also aiming at poverty reduction and social, economic and political integration of people with disabilities through the adoption of adequate policies and measures in this area.

According to CJARC authorities, the official presentation ceremony marks the launch of the promotion phase, which should allow all actors to be informed of the existence of this tool and to exploit its content and structure.

SUPEH contains dynamic data on people with disabilities in Cameroon. It allows decision-makers and development partners to know in real-time how many people with disabilities are in a given locality; what are their types of disabilities; their needs; which partner is already intervening in an area; which activities, and which targets.

The database will also limit teams having to travel around the country in search of people with disabilities, better organise and optimise the existing aids and supports as well as develop plans with reliable, objectively verifiable quantitative and qualitative indicators.

According to CJARC, the platform is being realised following a study conducted by CJARC in 2015 in the seven Councils in Yaoundé. In addition, and among other things, CJARC has had tremendous difficulty responding to several requests from its partners for disaggregated data on people with disabilities. partners who wanted to have disaggregated data on persons with visual impairment in certain localities in Cameroon.

Over 30 councils have already aligned to the initiative in Cameroon. The project was was funded by, Mission Évangélique Braille, InterAction, Agricultech, Newviall and accompanied by the Government of Cameroon.

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