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Children With Disabilities Fates Christmas Party, Calls For More Love

Children received gifts from their parents

Children received gifts from their parents

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Children with disabilities at the Timely Performance Care Center, TPCC in Yaounde have celebrated Christmas feast with a call for the public to show them much love.

The call was made on February 17. The ceremony was celebrated together with an association of disable persons better know in French as Association Handicappe Expoire Cameroon.

While struggling to say a word, a child told The Post, “people should love us because we are human beings.” The child suffering from autism suddenly left the seen looking emotionally stressed.

Speaking during the occasion, the Manager of the Yaounde-based center Betty Nancy Fonyuy appreciated the parents who came out to give the child smiles.

She added that TPCC is a center that has come to give hope to parents and also to children. Reason why the society need to love and take care of these children because they have a right to life and social interaction.

The time has come for our kids to start writing Cameroon exams but we realise that the center for special need kids with autism, intellectual delay and others are not easily accessible considering their state of mind. These children should be considered when it comes to public exams and social interaction,” Betty said.

The proprietor of the school, Elizabeth Gohla while following the program via zoom from USA said, children like these need to be treated with love and care but it is annoying that the society has neglected them.

Kids receives Christmas gifts

“Some are locked up in rooms and forced to die while some have never had a gift in their entire life. We need to do more in putting smiles on the faces of these children,” she said.

Even though satisfied that her dreams have come to pass, Elizabeth Gohla noted that more still need to be done since the center is growing and challenges are also adding too.

Besides pleading for support to help these children from families, individual, NGOs and government, she however expressed her dissatisfaction to the fact that each time government officials are invited, they will only send their representatives of which the member of government should be there to see things for herself.

To Martins Talla, President of Association Handicappe Expoire Cameroon “My story is a sad one because I was rejected, criticism and stigmatized because of my condition. No body could believe that one day I will work or go to school but I did all of these. I am very happy and thank you TPCC for your love and care.”

“My child has been in this school for three years now and I am happy for everything. He is progressively changing. He was very active but now, it has reduced thanks to what the centre is doing, I am happy,” a parent said.

It is the fifth Christmas party that the center is celebration since it creation. The center has 94 children who are freely been educated.

Timely Performance Care Center is a private not-for-profit multi-purpose social ground with focus on rendering health care, social care and educational training.

TPCC offers care, assistance and education to special needs kids (– kids suffering from dyslexia, autism, deafness, dumbness, learning disabilities etc.) and to the elderly and others with physical and/or mental impairments thereby improving health and life quality, boost self-confidence, enhance productive and self-directed lives, improve independence at home and in the society.

The center also carries out professional gerontological nursing formation; where nurses are trained on giving proper medical care to the elderly in order to improve their health and wellness.

Independent programs of the center acts as a safe space for people and allow our staff to mitigate the stressful and uncomfortable conditions people live in.

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