Charly Ndi Chia Dedicates JMC Award To Francis Wache

Ndi Chia poses for camera with UB FSMS Dean, Prof. Emmanuel Yenshu, after receiving award

By Sendy Forlemu

The former Editor­-In-Chief of The Post Newspaper and now Publisher of The Rambler Newspaper, Charly Ndi Chia, has dedicated his JMC award to Francis Wache, late Publisher of The Post.

Ndi Chia was honoured on Tuesday, May 3, by the University of Buea Department Journalism and Mass Communication, JMC, for his astounding role as Print Media Promoter in the country. This was during the commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day.

“This award means a lot because it comes from the pinnacle of learning, which is the University, Department of JMC, which has been on for more than two decades and I have been involved in training interns on the field,” said Ndi Chia.

The award, he added, was “like a concluding doxology, some kind of valediction for me.”

Charly Ndi Chia is one of the Journalists who practised in Cameroon at the time Journalism was at its early stages and technology was far fetched.

The award signifies the work Ndi Chia has done over the years but considering that he never practised alone, he thought it wise to remember his late colleague.

Francis Wache, the late publisher of The Post, with whom Ndi Chia worked, could not escape his mind. He dedicated the Award to Wache who passed into eternity in 2019.

Comparing his practice of journalism then and now, Ndi Chia said, “We did excellently well. We worked hard, we didn’t scam.”

Considering that there was what Ndi Chia termed “criminal censorship by the SDOs, the government” they still did their work very well despite the odds.

“It was tedious in the practice of journalism, yet we were still able to publish the 12-page newspaper twice a week and with substance, such substance that you cannot even have today even with the new technology,” The Rambler Publisher said.

Corroborating the theme of the day, which was echoed by other awardees at the JMC event, he said Journalism has always been under surveillance, as it deals with revelations.

News, he said, is what somebody somewhere wants to hide and, when the habit of hiding something is adopted, there is always surveillance. He said journalists are constantly being watched just in case they uncover something or “rattle the skeletons-infested cupboards of those that make rotten news”.

He added: “I define it as rotten news because bad news is very good news for journalists. Good news is not always good news for journalists and bad news is scandal and scandals are committed by apostles of the grandstand (the Governors, Ministers and other thieves in public offices).”

He however cautioned the young journalists to respect the canons of the profession. “Be very careful; don’t compromise principles; don’t take a bribe; don’t denigrate yourself; don’t belittle yourself; don’t go running after administrative and political scammers who are scamming the nation and paying it to you.”

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