CANAL+ To Broadcast Live Euro 2020, Copa America Matches In Cameroon

  • Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and Many Other World Football Stars To Be In Action
  • Launches 30-Day Promotion Offering Its Packages At 50% Reduction

By Joe Dinga Pefok

The international operator, CANAL+, renowned for its numerous and well-structured sports channels, CANAL+ SPORT,  will bring to all the 10 regions of Cameroon live coverages of the 51 football matches of the upcoming European Nations Cup commonly known as Euro, as well as all the 28 matches of the American Nations Cup commonly known as Copa America.

This assurance was given by the General Manager of CANAL+ Cameroon, Paul Tamba Zapo, and some of his close collaborators especially the Sales Director, Anderson Assy, and Subscription Manager, Justine Zense, at a press conference which the company organised in Douala on June 1, 2021.

The conference also unveiled the copany’s promotional offer of at least 50 percent reductions in the cost of the different packages that CANAL+  offers for 30 days, which is one month, to persons who want to subscribe or old subscribers who want to renew their subscriptions within this period. The campaign for the promotional offers, which started on May 22, will run up till June 30, 2021.

The promotion by CANAL+ is dubbed: On The Way Towards Euro 2020 And Copa America 2021.

The European Nations Cup and Copa America which are indisputable the best two continental football competitions in the world will feature most of the world football stars like Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Dan Alves,  and Sergio Aguero among many others.

Euro 2020

The European Nations Cup, which will run from June 11  to July 11, 2021, is known as Euro 2020. It takes place every four years. The last edition held in 2016, and the next was to take place in 2020 but was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though it will be played in 2021, it is still maintained as Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 is to bring together the 24 current best national football teams in Europe. They include Italy, France, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Belgium,  Sweden, Scotland, Germany, Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal,  among others.

Also, for the first time,  the football competition will be hosted by a total of 12 countries instead of one. This means that a total of 51 matches of Euro 2020, will be played in a total of 12  different cities in 12 different European countries.

Sports observers will agree that the cracker on the 1st day of play of the different polls will be in Group F where the current World Cup holder, France, will clash with former World Cup Champion, Germany.

Analysis On Matches, Etc By CANAL+

Meanwhile as has become a tradition, CANAL+ will, for Euro 2020, deploy a team of journalists and consultants to run commentaries and do analysis on the different matches.

Also, besides the opening and closing ceremonies of Euro 2020, CANAL+ will carry a 26-minute documentary on all the 24 teams to take part in the competition, that the confederation of European football commonly known as UEFA, which is the organiser of the competition,  will present before the start of the competition on June 11.

Copa America

As for Copa America 2021, that will run from June 13 – July 2021,  all the football powerhouses in South and Latin America will be present. The 10 countries that will participate in Copa America 2021 include Chili,  Paraguay,  Argentina, Bolivia,  Uruguay, Colombia, Equator,  Peru, Brazil,  and Venezuela. The cracker on day 1 of play will be the clash between Argentina and Chile.

Meanwhile, it will be the first of the continental football jamboree that CANAL+ will show live. Besides the live images of all the matches of Copa America 2021, CANAL+ will, among other things during the competition, also present daily bits on the different matches, teams and so on.

 Applications To Rewatch Matches

Meanwhile, the management of CANAL+ Cameroun also explained that the packages the company offers, are adapted to satisfy customers in many ways. The management stated, for example, that the packages that the company offers contain applications that can enable a subscriber to reprogramme a match that is being presented live or has to be presented live, to watch it at a convenient time later. This application will be of great help to many customers during  Copa America, as, because of the different time zones, some matches will be played in South America at the time that many people in Cameroon will be sleeping.

The Different Packages And Big  Reductions In Cost

Meanwhile, in a presentation that was jointly made at the June 1 press conference in Douala by CANAL+ Cameroon’s Sales Director, Anderson Assy, and the Subscription Manager, Justine Zense,  it was, first of all, stated that CANAL+  normally offers four different packages which contain access to different numbers of channels.

There is the small package dubbed “Evasion” which costS FCFA 10,000 in a monthly subscription. There is the Evasion+ Package, which is the medium package,  and costS FCFA 22,000. The biggest package dubbed ‘Tout CANAL+’  that costs FCFA 45,000 in a monthly subscription contains all the channels that CANAL+ offers.

But the CANAL+  senior management personnel explained that, during this period of promotion which will run till June 30, 2021, new customers will pay only FCFA 5,000, to subscribe for access to the Evasion Package that normally cost FCFA 10,000. For new customers, also contained in the access package will be the HD Decoder.

Meanwhile, all old customers who subscribed for the Evasion Package at FCFA 10,000, and those who want to renew their subscription during this period of the promotion will instead pay FCFA 5000, which means that they will also benefit from the  50 percent reduction in cost.

However, if during this period of the promotion a new customer for Evasion Package makes an effort to pay the FCFA 10,000 instead of the FCFA 5000 promotion offer, he or she will be offered the Evasion+ Package of FCFA 22,000 by CANAL+.  Also, an old customer of the Evasion Package that, during the ongoing promotion period, pays the normal amount of FCFA 10,000 instead of the promotion cost of FCFA 5,000 to renew his monthly subscription, will as well be offered the Evasion +  Package which normally costs FCFA 22,000.

As for a customer of the Evasion+ Package that, during this period of the promotion, wants to renew his one-month subscription,  CANAL+ Cameroun will offer the customer the very prestigious ‘Tout CANAL+’ Package which normally costs FCFA 45,000, if he pays the normal monthly subscription cost of FCFA 22,000.

The management of CANAL+ Cameroun explained at the June 1 press conference in Douala that the huge reductions that the company has made in the costs of the different packages that it offers has, as objective, to enable sports-loving  Cameroonians and the company to celebrate football together, during the upcoming period of big football competitions or football festivals in the world, with Euro 2020 and Copa America.

The management reassured the Cameroon public that CANAL+ is present in all the 10 regions of the country. The management also told new or potential subscribers of CANAL+ that their equipment are installed for free by trained accredited partners in all the 10 regions.

 Also, payments for subscriptions for CANAL+ packages can, as well, be done by Orange Money, Mobile Money and YUP.

Other Big Sporting Events

Meanwhile, the management of CANAL+ Cameroun asserted at the press conference that football is not the only big sporting event that the company has for customers during this period. It was pointed out, for example, that the company is currently presenting live coverages of the ongoing international lawn tennis tournament,  Roland     Garros. There is also the great basketball championship, NBA.

Furthermore, it was pointed out that CANAL+ does not only have sports channels, as there are also channels for information, education and entertainment.  Talking about entertainment, there are also English films in CANAL+ packages.

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