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Cameroon Should Anchor On God More Than Ever Before – Rev. Eunice Fonka

Reverend Eunice Fonka Berinyuy

Reverend Eunice Fonka Berinyuy

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Rev. Pastor Eunice Fonka Berinyuy, a Pastor ministering at ALFANAOMI, says Cameroon as a country should anchor on God in 2022 more than before.

Speaking to The Post on December recently, Rev. Fonka said Cameroonians should be honest to tell themselves the truth.

“In 2022, Cameroon, let’s be honest to tell ourselves that our strategies have not been worth the mention. There are no two ways. Cameroon must go back to the one who blessed and enriched her. God the creator of all things,” the woman of God said.

“God has shown Cameroon peace and mercy and his bowels of mercy are not yet empty. I thank God for those who’ve not stopped praying for the preservation of this beautiful fatherland.

“Cameroon must anchor on God like never before. Days are not getting any better and only the Almighty God with His loving hands will continue to cover and protect our nation. God loves Cameroon and we need to acknowledge that.”

Rev. Fonka said she wishes and prays for a Cameroon that acknowledges the Lordship of Jesus Christ, repenting from all evil and seeking God’s face sincerely. 

“Yes, that is the Cameroon that will host that revival that was prophesied hundreds of years ago. Cameroon is a blessed nation and, as God’s Oracle in the nation, I align with God to continue to declare those blessings of the Lord that bring riches and not sorrow. Let Cameroon take on the horns of the altar in prayers, repentance supplications and cry out for God’s mercy in 2022 like never before,” she stated. 

Talking about end of year festivities, the woman of God stressed that, looking back on celebrations marking the birth of a Holy Child, ungodliness surrounded it as the standards and precepts of God were violated all over the world. 

“Like Paul, I see people raising an altar to an unknown god. If it is actually the birth of Christ we’re celebrating, then, let’s not forget His second coming, the rapture. During celebrations, we see all over the altars of wickedness, fornication, adultery, killing, drunkenness, stealing and others. I advise we stop a little and tell ourselves the truth,” she said.

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