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Buea Girls Scouting For Trending Hairstyles To Lure Suitors

Girl shows before after of her beautiful knotless braids | Pic Credit: BellaNaija

By Shalyne Tomnyuy Verla

Looking good is good business, is a ‘saying’ driving Echu Marion crazy. She won’t be herself until she plaits knotless braids.

Though an undergraduate student of the University of Buea, she is saving every penny she gets because she wants to give herself a befitting look.

According to her, plaiting knotless braids will make her look beautiful, which will make men run after her.

Her desire for such is because it is trending among young girls in Buea and she wants to belong.

To her, this particular hairdo makes her feel confident, up to date with society, and exceptional among friends.

With such a hair style, she intends to also gain popularity, especially on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Echu is young and, like other girls, she wants to be in fashion by doing the things done by her peers.

Despite the benefits that come with it, she says it is very challenging to keep the hairdo as it requires a lot of money for maintenance and sustainability.

However, because the hairdo is trendy,  Echu Marion is very determined to have it done at all costs. She says it remains a priority to her as it keeps her stunning and boosts her self-confidence as a young lady.

Knotless braids have become fashionable in Buea to the extent that some women feel not belonging if they don’t plait them.

The hairstyle is being scouted by young girls in Buea who want to use TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, among others, to portray their beauty.

As a result, it is keeping salons busy every day.

Adeline Atemnkeng is a hairstylist who owns a beauty parlour at Mini coquette. She says these trending hairstyles are the desire and request of most youths in Buea.

As a stylist, these trending hairstyles have served as an advert that has brought in more customers, which in the long run generates more income for her and their family.

 She says most youth go after these trending hairstyles because of environmental influence, celebrity idols, exposure to media platforms, and influence from friends.

This type of hairdo is done with curly and wavy hair of all ages.

It has existed since the 1900s. It became most popular around the world and almost all women and children had their hair braided due to its adaptability, attractiveness, and protective nature.

They are braided with extensions that are knot-free, the roots are smooth and flat, which gives a unique appearance. The braid begins with natural hair and then progressively create a strain on the scalp and lowering the risk of breaking.

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