Blue Empire Holdings Affirms Support To Miss Skills Festival Laureates

Blue empire

By Andrew Nsoseka & Sendy Forlemu

Blue Empire Holdings has affirmed its partnership with Miss Skills Festival. The deal which is to support and to promote skills development and entrepreneurship among youths was reaffirmed on March 4, 2022 during a visit to Blue Empire Holdings by laureates of the just ended Miss Skills Festival organised by the Cameroon Youth Assembly, CYA.

They were led by the organiser of the Miss Skills Festival, Nghateng Donald.

The Miss Skills Festival is a programme aimed at promoting youth empowerment through skills development, to curb youth unemployment, give youths an alternative when it comes to fighting unemployment and promoting entrepreneurship as the best way out.

The competition equally serves as avenues to sort out ambassadors for the Cameroon Youth Assembly, CYA. Those empowered are drilled on and skills development programmes like project writing, and identifying a problem in the community and bringing forth suggestion for possible solutions.

Speaking about their visit to Blue Empire Holdings, Nghateng said it was meant to express gratitude to Blue Empire Holdings for being one of their sponsors. He said it also served as an avenue to reaffirm their collaboration in the area of youth empowerment and promotion of entrepreneurial skills as the best option for young people.

 “We have come today to affirm our resolve to empower our communities, promote sustainable development through skills development,” Nghateng said.

The just ended Miss Skills Festival had about 70 contestants who applied. 30 were retained, 17 made it to the finals, and 7 were approved to be ambassadors of the programme. At the meeting, Blue Empire Holdings re-affirmed its support to the initiative, stating that they will mentor the girls and sponsor some of their approved projects which have already been written and approved.

Blue Empire Holdings, one of the sponsors of the Festival, is a conglomerate, operating in the areas of Auto Mobile, Real Estates and Mobile Electronics. Its CEO, Sona Jill, said he   encourages young people to rather focus on skills development and entrepreneurship because it is what works better to address challenges and realities in Cameroon, in the areas of empowerment and unemployment.

“My advice to young Cameroonians is that they should try as much as possible to give entrepreneurship a chance. They should look way pass their degrees and try to take entrepreneurship and innovation seriously. It is just to show in a lot of interest and we can have companies and individuals who are willing to fund them”, said Sona Jill.  

On his part, the Marketing Director of Blue Empire Holdings, Sama Tanya, said, apart from the love to support initiatives of youths to fight unemployment, their partnership with Miss Skills Festival was also a move to fulfil their social responsibility to the community they operate in. He said their interest is to see young people making a living from their skills and entrepreneurial endeavours. “We support good ideas when it comes to entrepreneurship and skills development that can sustain youths and this was our first initiative to support such ideas,” Tanya said.    

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