Bloggers Underscore Need For Social Media To Reach Audiences

Social Media Apps

By Yiven Zariatou

Social media users say life without Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms is impossible. They say they use these platforms to either blog or advertise their businesses.

Influencers like bloggers who mostly rely on social media say,  blogging and social media are linked together since they use it to create content in their blogs, “ you are being called  a blogger because you own a blog, and to own a blog, you must be attached to social media,” said Banninla Bonaventure,  a blogger.

He also explained that social media and blogging are like a yam and a knife, so a blogger must get attached to it in order to have an effective blog page. “Every blogger needs a social media platform to create his or her own audience and followers,” said Banninla.

Divine Ade, another blogger, said he can stay for days without using the social media only if he has added a lot of content that can be consumed while he is away, “As a blogger, there comes a time when I put myself to a lot of work. So, if I realise that I have attained a certain limit, I can take off a day and there will be no problem,” he said.

However, he also mentioned that it is risky staying off the social media for some days because the time he is offline might be the moment the best story for him to report on might surface on the internet. “Once a breaking story comes up, everybody will visit your page to see what you are saying about it. You may be absent and that will not speak well for your work,” he emphasised.

A marketer by name George Cabila Ndangoh, while speaking to The Post, said many people rely on his services just as he relies on the social media to market his online business as professional curriculum vitae, CV builder. “The media serves as a great marketing tool for my services; the media is like my company and it creates the medium for customers wishing to have a CV to reach out to me,” he said.

Another online business person by name Lora said she cannot quit social media, because it is the fastest way of getting to her costumers. “As an online business person, I cannot stay without social media, which is the fastest means I use to get in touch with my costumers. So going out for days will be a great loss,” she said.

The social media blackout on October 5, that lasted six hours, exposed the world’s huge dependence on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as many were not able to send or receive messages.

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