Binance Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Education Efforts In Cameroon

Carine Dikambi and co in a family picture

By Annie Babelle Odounlami

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain exchange network, has rolled out its education efforts in Cameroon, considering its mission to increase currency liberalisation, drive blockchain adoption and enable greater financial accessibility in Africa.

On December 4, 2021, the blockchain giant hosted a face-to-face educational event in Yaoundé, Cameroon, to educate crypto enthusiasts on the opportunities that exist within the crypto sphere. More than 350 people attended the event and learned about the fundamentals of blockchain, the Binance ecosystem, how to create a Binance account, the basics of trading and how to keep their cryptocurrency safe to avoid fraud attempts.

Participants during an event in Yaounde.

“The African continent presents unique opportunities for the adoption and development of cryptocurrencies. As such, we see blockchain education as vital to realising these opportunities. It is also clear that the potential for Francophone Africa to be a central part of this development is endless and we are committed to ensuring that more people have access to the right information,” said Carine Dikambi, Head of Francophone Africa at Binance.

The company continues to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency education, ensuring its users are well informed. Its training series aimed at increasing crypto literacy in Africa, since Binance has provided free crypto training to over 400,000 Africans thanks to the Binance Masterclass, launched in January 2020. It offers education from crypto trading to careers in blockchain.

During the said training, participants took part in fun activities and received Binance products such as free t-shirts and caps, alongside a raffle with $300 to be won: 30 participants won $10 each.

Séverin Kouam, one of the participants, said: “I got into cryptocurrencies by chance six months ago on the advice of a friend. But until now, I still didn’t master the mechanics of this technology. So this training is very welcome as it allows me to better understand how it works, its advantages but especially the risks associated with cryptocurrencies so that I don’t get fooled when investing my money.”

Following this, Binance will be holding a face-to-face event in another major Cameroonian city, Douala, on 17 December 2021.

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