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Bamenda New Road Residents Decry HYSACAM Stream Pollution

Heaps of dirt

Smoke emanating from poorly disposed waste

By Kevin Agbor

Some inhabitant of the new road neighbourhood, situated along the slope of Bamendankwe hill behind the Up-Station cattle market, have decried the devastating nature of waste being managed by the Hygiene and Sanitation company, HYSACAM.

They are furious that HYSACAM is disposing off waste just beside the stream where residents are fetching drinking water.

Some Inhabitant of Sisia, New Road, being affected by the garbage, have said it is causing more harm than good to their health.

They say road users find it difficult to breathe as the ponging odour now becomes a breading ground for flies and other insects.

Looking at the side, there is every indication that, when the rain falls, it washes the toxic chemicals from the garbage at the top of the hill down to the stream which is used by the population of the City of Bamenda who depend on it as a source to living.

Expressing his worries, Fred Fombi, who is in his 60s and is living just some 80 meters from the garbage site, told The Post his son is an asthmatic patient and, because of the dirty nature of the site, he is “now a subject to the hospital.”

“I go to the hospital almost every week. Look at my house, everywhere are flies. Look at my son, his health situation gets deteriorating every day and if nothing is done am afraid with the future of my son,” he bewailed.

On his part, Leonard Sanda Ndindo, who was a passerby when this reporter arrived the garbage scene, said, “We feel very bad sometimes when we are passing here and the whole place is covered with smoke and it disturbs us and sometimes even the bike riders are not saved”.

Sometimes they have to slow down and wait for the area to clear somehow before they can engage their way.

According to LAW No. 96:12 of  August 5, 1996, relating to environmental management, adopted by the National Assembly, ecologically rational waste management shall be any practical measures ensuring that waste is managed in such a way as to protect human health and the environment, against the harmful effects this waste may have.

It also states that a pollutant shall be any substance or solid, liquid or gaseous discharge, any waste, odour, heat, vibration, radiation or combination of these likely to provoke pollution. But with the negative effect on the use of the environment by HYSACAM is threatening the environment and the health security and wellbeing of those living on the side.

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