At Governors’ Meeting: MINAT Boss Demands End To Irregular Creation Of Chiefdoms


By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, in the just ended meeting with ten Regional Governors, has called for a resolute fight against the disorderly and irregular creation of traditional chiefdoms and wants an end to it.

He was talking in Yaounde, at the end of a two-day second bi-annual Conference of Regional Governors for the year 2021. The conference was held under the theme: “Administrative authorities and security supervision of end year celebrations and the TotalEnergies 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.”

“… In the same vein, I order you to lead a resolute fight against the disorderly and irregular creation of traditional chiefdoms, just as I urge you to fight without weakness, the much decried phenomenon of land grabbing for the purposes of speculation.”  MINAT Minister said “Land has become the favorite sport of certain operators who exploit the precariousness and vulnerability of the populations,” Minister Atanga Nji said.

According to him, there has been a rise in hate speech among the population, based on tribalism and religious obedience.

“These heinous acts are likely to create serious disturbances to public order,” he warned while urging the governors to “lead with the leaders of the various religious denominations and other members of civil society, a campaign to raise awareness among the population on the need to live together.”

The Minister added: “I also urge you to lead a determined fight against drug trafficking and the fight against the illicit sale of drugs. The fight against trafficking Arms and ammunition must also be at the centre of your strategy to fight serious organised crime.”

Regarding security, Minister Atanga Nji said: “I would like to urge you to ensure that there is a fruitful synergy between the Administrative Authorities, the Defense and Security Forces and the populations, in order to effectively face the multiple challenges; the goal being to block the way to the enemies of the Republic. For this, the search for forecast information must remain at the heart of your action. Here too, the collaboration of the population will have to be constantly sought.”

The Minister also called on Governors to focus on strengthening and generalising the hygiene and sanitation campaign throughout the country, with emphasis on cleanliness in markets.

“Also, I urge you to fully play your role of supervision and support and advice to the decentralized territorial communities, in conjunction with which you will carry out the aforementioned missions,” he stressed.

Atanga Nji also stated that the 2021 AFCON is a great gift from the Head of State to the nation, reason why Governors must make this continental competition a historic event as desired by President Paul Biya.

“During the AFCON, we must strengthen the good reputation of Cameroon, land of hospitality, land of welcome, land of promise, in short Africa in miniature. We must all be Ambassadors for the success of TotalEnergies AFCON 2021,” he said.

Governors expressed satisfaction over the deliberations and promised to ensure a successful end of year festivities, as well as the African football jamboree. Among other issues, the Governors reviewed the state of life of the country over the past six months, highlighting the political, socio-economic infrastructural and security aspects.

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