As Christians Celebrate Easter: Priest Insists Christ Died For All Mankind, Not Only Christians

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By Hope Nda

Millions of believers in Jesus Christ, the Christian Saviour of mankind, worldwide celebrated the “passion of the cross” that is, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, during the “Holy Week” that ended in the symbolic resurrection of Christ on what has been named Easter Sunday.

The celebration of Easter on Sunday, April 17, marked the end of the 40-day Lent season which began on Wednesday, March 2 (Ash Wednesday).

In Cameroon, and in Buea specifically, thousands of believers exemplified the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, the day believed to have been the day Christ was unjustly condemned and crucified on the cross “for the redemption of mankind”.

Over the weekend in Buea, The Post caught up with the Parish Priest of St Jude Catholic Church, Bolifamba, Father Theophile Seka, who insisted that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of all mankind, not only Christians, as many think.

The death, burial and resurrection of Christ (the Gospel), he added, is “good news to every mankind from every religion”.

He said the death of Christ is “significant for humanity, be it Catholic, Muslim, African Traditional Religion, Buddhist or whatever you call yourself, Jesus died for mankind”.

“And that is why, during the Last Super, He (Jesus) told His disciples ‘this is the blood of the new and eternal covenant’ that means the covenant that has been made with mankind forever,” he said.

Father Seka: “So Jesus has redeemed humanity, be it Muslim, Buddhist, African Traditional Religion, so far as  you are a human being, Jesus died for you…

“This has been the basic message – that we should come back to God. We have wandered far away from God and let us come back and not only we want to come back home, but because we know and we are grateful that Christ took our human form, suffered for forty days and forty nights, died, was crucified and has risen.

“And because Christ rose from the dead, he has taken this piece of humanity, our human flesh, to heaven which is an indication and an assurance that heaven is our portion.”

During the 40-day lent season, Father Theophile Seka said he has been telling people to come back to God because; they “have wandered far away from God.”

He said believers were being told to repent and reconnect with God using three key pillars: prayer, fasting and alms giving.

At the Bolifamba Parish, just like thousands of other Christian worship places across Cameroon, people “came out in their numbers” on Good Friday (April 15), “to be able to touch with their fingers just a fraction of what happened to Jesus in terms of cruelty…,” said Father Theophile.

On Friday morning, they acted the arrest, unjust trial, condemnation and crucifixion of Christ, while at 3pm same day, they all gathered to mourn the death of Christ on the cross.

The Holy Week, seen by Catholics as the most sacred period of the Christian calendar, ended on Easter Sunday, with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ for the freedom and salvation of mankind.

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