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Ahead Of COP26: Cameroon Revises Document, About FCFA 30,000Bn Needed For Climate Change

Stakeholders at the NDC seminar in a family photo

“… An estimation has been made and to implement this process in our country, we need at least FCFA 30,000 billion. This is very important because we have developed the National Development Strategy 2020-2030,” said Prof. Tchawa Paul, Secretary-General at the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, MINEPDED.

He was talking during the two-day workshop to officially launch the review process of the Nationally Determined Contributions, NDC, of Cameroon, held from May 27 to 28, in Yaounde.

According to him, the stakes are that Cameroon wants to achieve its 2030 emergence goal and reducing emissions remains a great challenge. To solve this issue, he noted that adjusting the consumption pattern is paramount otherwise the country will be dipped into serious climatic difficulties.

“This needs funds. But unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis is likely to re-orient some of these funds towards health operations,” MINEPDED SG said while reiterating the importance of the document for the upcoming 26th Conference of Parties, COP26.

“Cameroon, for its part, has committed itself like other countries and this commitment was initially around 23%, but today we realise that if we limit ourselves to this figure, the account will not be done, we will not reach the global objective of reduction at the rate of 1.5°. This is why, following the Paris Agreement, each country must once again make efforts, and how will these efforts be made? These efforts will be made in the main sectors, which are agriculture and energy, so our production system must be conducted in such a way that it emits the least possible greenhouse gases, and this is measurable,” he added.

Thus, the said revision will be carried to the next COP as it is expected and required. And, it is based on these commitments that Cameroon will be able to access the different sources of support and financial mechanisms that will enable them to implement the plan because the NDC is the contribution at the national level, it is the commitment that each country holds within the framework of the Paris Agreement.

On his part, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Alassane  Ba, said the objective of the National Determined Contribution is to define numerical objectives in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and put forth Cameroon’s contribution to achieve this objective that has been set at the global level for the mitigation of global warming.

“The UNDP, as well as all technical and financial partners, we assist the government of Cameroon to ensure that we can exploit in a sustainable way natural resources, limit the degradation of land and biodiversity and for that, we intervene through a certain number of programs with the participation of the regional structures as the COMIFAC and other structures which accompany us in the actions of support to the government of Cameroon,” Alassane Ba explained.

He averred that, “it is to ensure that we have sustainable production systems, not only in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, our industries and services, but also to ensure that we can limit deforestation. We are in the Central African Region, we have vast expanses of forest that in the same way as the Amazon in America constitute an important vegetation cover for the whole continent.”

So, ensuring the management of forests is the most sustainable and can limit deforestation, land degradation, because the consequences are floods, drought. “We feel it more when we go to the North of the country. We at the UNDP level will provide technical assistance but also financial assistance to enable the government of Cameroon to revise its NDC and bring its document to the COP26 in Glasgow,” UNDP Deputy Resident Representative pledged.

By Annie Babelle Odounlami

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